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50 Funny Armadillo Jokes

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Armadillo Puns

Here are 50 Funny Armadillo Jokes for you:

1. What do you call an armadillo that can sing? A charmo-dillo!

2. Why did the armadillo cross the road? To show the possum it could be done!

3. What’s an armadillo’s favorite instrument? The shell-phone!

4. What did one armadillo say to the other? “You’re the only one I’m armored to be around!”

5. How do you throw an armadillo party? You roll out the shell-f!

6. Why did the armadillo wear glasses? To improve its shell-fie game!

7. What did the armadillo say when it was asked about its love life? “I’m just rolling with it!”

8. Why are armadillos so good at baseball? They have a natural “catching” ability!

9. How do armadillos send messages? By shell-mail, of course!

10. What do you call an armadillo that can dance? An armadillo-groove!

11. Why did the armadillo bring a ladder to the bar? Because it heard the drinks were on the house!

12. How do you describe an armadillo with a great sense of humor? Hilar-madillo!

13. What did the armadillo say when it won the lottery? “I’m gonna shell-vibrate!”

14. Why did the armadillo become an actor? It wanted to be a rolling star!

15. How do armadillos navigate the internet? With a mouse… inside their shell!

16. Why don’t armadillos ever get stressed? Because they always take life one roll at a time!

17. What’s an armadillo’s favorite type of movie? A shell-various comedy!

18. Why did the armadillo go to school? To improve its reading and arithmetic skills!

19. What’s an armadillo’s favorite food? Armad-ill-oh no you didn’t!

20. How do armadillos stay cool in the summer? They chill inside their shell shades!

Armadillo Jokes

21. What did the armadillo say to the scared rabbit? “Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!”

22. Why did the armadillo start a band? It wanted to rock and roll!

23. How do armadillos stay fit? They do shell-ates!

24. What did the armadillo say when it was complimented? “Aw, shucks!”

25. Why was the armadillo invited to every party? It always had a shell of a good time!

26. What do you get when you cross an armadillo with a kangaroo? A jumping bean in a shell!

27. How do armadillos like to watch TV? In their shell revisions!

28. Why did the armadillo join the army? It was ready for shell-shock training!

29. What’s an armadillo’s favorite board game? Armad-ilopoly!

30. Why do armadillos never need directions? They have a built-in GPS: the “Guarded Path System”!

Armadillo Jokes

31. What’s an armadillo’s favorite song? “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele!

32. Why did the armadillo become an astronaut? It wanted to explore new front shells!

33. How do you compliment an armadillo’s fashion sense? “You shell it off!”

34. What’s an armadillo’s favorite time of day? Snack time, of course—it’s always hungry for shells!

35. Why don’t armadillos ever get into fights? They’re experts at rolling with the punches!

36. What did the armadillo say to the cheese? “I’m nacho regular armadillo!”

37. Why did the armadillo start a detective agency? It was good at cracking armadillo mysteries!

38. How do you invite an armadillo to a party? You send out shell-elegant invitations!

39. What’s an armadillo’s favorite place to shop? The rolling mall!

40. Why do armadillos make great librarians? They’re experts at shelving books!

Best Armadillo jokes

Here are some Best Armadillo Jokes.

41. What did the armadillo say to the rain cloud? “Try and rain on my parade, I’m already waterproof!”

42. Why did the armadillo take up painting? It wanted to leave a shell-ter for its artistic expressions!

43. What did the armadillo do when it won the lottery? It put all the money in its “shell-ings” account!

44. How do you catch a runaway armadillo? With a shell lasso, of course!

45. Why don’t armadillos ever tell secrets? They’re afraid of getting caught in a shell fie!

Armadillo Jokes

46. What’s an armadillo’s favorite candy? Choc-armadillo truffles!

47. How do you make an armadillo laugh? Tell it a shell-various joke!

48. What did the armadillo say to the traffic cop? “Is there a problem, or am I just being shellfish?”

49. Why did the armadillo go to art school? It wanted to learn the fine art of self-expression!

50. What’s an armadillo’s favorite sport? Rolling polo!

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