Coronavirus Jokes

50 Funny Coronavirus Jokes

Here are 50 Funny Coronavirus Jokes and the Best Coronavirus Puns for Kids and Adults.

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Coronavirus Jokes

Here are 50 jokes about the Coronavirus.

1. Why did the coronavirus go to school? To get smarter, not spreader!

2. I told my computer I had a virus. It quarantined itself – must be the coronavirus!

3. What do you call a germ that doesn’t share? A coronavirus!

4. Did you hear about the germ who went to a party uninvited? It must’ve been a corona crasher!

5. My fridge and I are both practicing social distancing – I have food, and it has leftovers from the pre-coronavirus era.

6. I asked the coronavirus if it wanted a snack. It replied, “No thanks, I’m already viral!”

7. Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field, practicing social distancing from the crows – and the coronavirus!

8. Knock knock. Who’s there? Corona. Corona who? Corona-tine got me going crazy!

9. What’s a germ’s favorite board game? Quarantinopoly – it’s all about taking over the world!

10. I tried to tell a joke about the coronavirus… but it went viral too quickly!

11. Did you hear about the virus who had a crush? It’s called a Corona crush!

12. Why don’t scientists trust the coronavirus? It’s too sneaky – it keeps mutating its punchlines!

13. I told my dog we’re under lockdown because of the coronavirus. He’s loving the extra belly rubs, but hates the masks!

14. The coronavirus decided to start a band. It’s pretty bad, but at least it’s getting some exposure!

15. What’s a germ’s favorite exercise? The quaran-ton!

Coronavirus Jokes

16. I asked my computer for a joke about the coronavirus. It replied, “Sorry, I’m on lockdown too!”

17. Why did the smartphone go to therapy? It couldn’t handle the separation anxiety during social distancing!

18. Did you hear about the book on coronavirus? It’s spreading like wildfire… in the virtual library!

19. I asked the coronavirus how it’s holding up. It said, “I’m just trying to stay positive!”

20. What’s a virus’s favorite accessory? A corona-crown!

21. I told a joke about the coronavirus, but people just didn’t seem to catch it. Maybe it’s more of an airborne joke!

22. Did you hear about the comedian who told a joke about the coronavirus? He got a standing ovation… from six feet away!

23. I’ve mastered the art of social distancing. I’ve been practicing for years with my couch and TV remote!

24. Why did the smartphone break up with the coronavirus? It needed space – more gigabytes, less germs!

25. I asked the coronavirus if it wants to hear a joke. It replied, “Sure, but make it contagious!”

26. What do you call a virus that likes to dance? The coronal groove!

27. I bought a puzzle called “Life During Coronavirus.” It’s so challenging, the pieces are all face masks!

28. Why did the tomato turn red? It saw the salad dressing without a mask!

29. I tried to make a coronavirus joke, but it kept evolving into a different punchline!

30. What’s a germ’s favorite music? Anything contagious!

Coronavirus Jokes

31. I asked my fridge if it has the coronavirus. It replied, “No, but I do have leftover Chinese from last week.”

32. I thought I’d tell you the coronavirus joke… but you’d probably ask for more!

33. Why don’t viruses go to the beach? Because they can’t handle the social sand-distancing!

34. I asked the coronavirus for its opinion. It just kept saying, “I’m not sure, I’m still trying to figure out how to spread.”

35. Why was the math book worried about the coronavirus? I heard the virus multiplies uncontrollably!

36. Did you hear about the germ who tried to find a job? It said, “I’m looking for something with a bit more exposure.”

37. Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because it’s an expert in keeping its distance – from crows and coronaviruses!

38. Why did the computer get quarantined? Because it had too many bugs!

39. Did you hear about the hand sanitizer party? It was so clean and full of good vibes… until the coronavirus tried to crash!

40. What’s the coronavirus’s favorite food? Anything that’s “well done”!

Best Coronavirus Puns

Here are some Best Coronavirus Puns.

41. I used to cough to cover up a fart. Now I fart to cover up a cough – thanks, coronavirus!

42. I asked the coronavirus if it wanted to hear a joke. It replied, “Don’t worry, I’ve already heard it 19,873 times.”

43. What’s a virus’s favorite movie? “Contagion” – it’s their version of a classic!

44. I ordered a chicken and an egg online. I’ll let you know which one comes first when the coronavirus is over.

45. Did you hear about the germ who took up painting? It wanted to express itself in color, not contagion!

Coronavirus Jokes

46. I told my mirror a joke about the coronavirus. It reflected on it, but we both agree it needs better social distancing!

47. I asked the coronavirus if it wanted to play hide and seek. It said, “You can’t catch me – I’m an expert hider!”

48. Why did the virus go to school? It wanted to get a little “bacteria” education!

49. I tried to make a joke about the coronavirus, but it’s a little sickly. Maybe it just needs some vitamin C-huckles!

50. Did you hear about the germ who won the lottery? It was really lucky, but it still can’t escape social distancing!

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