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60 Funny Crab Jokes

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Crab Puns

Here are 60 Funny Crab Jokes for you:

1. Why did the crab never share its food? Because it was a little shellfish!

2. What did one crab say to the other at the beach? “I’m feeling a bit crabby today!”

3. What do you call a crab who loves to play tricks? A prankster-pus!

4. Why did the crab never share its secrets? Because it didn’t want to spill the beans!

5. What’s a crab’s favorite TV show? “Claws and Order”!

6. How do crabs communicate underwater? With crab-internet signals!

7. What do crabs do at a party? They dance the night away with their claws up!

8. Why did the crab join a gym? To work on its beach body!

9. What do you get when you cross a crab with a laptop? A crab-apple computer!

10. How do crabs send letters? By using crab-tastic stamps!

Crab Jokes

11. What’s a crab’s favorite game? Crab-absolutely Monopoly!

12. What do you call a crab with a great sense of style? A fashionista-claw!

13. How do crabs make decisions? They flip a crab coin!

14. What do you call a crab with an attitude? A snappy dresser!

15. Why don’t crabs ever share? Because they’re shellfish!

16. What’s a crab’s favorite candy? Jaws-drops!

17. What did one crab say to the other while shopping? “I’m claw-very picking up some bargains!”

18. Why did the crab blush? Because it saw the ocean’s bottom!

19. What’s a crab’s favorite dance style? The crab-a-rina!

20. Why don’t crabs ever give to charity? Because they’re too claw-sy!

21. What do you call a crab with a lot of money? A crab-cautious spender!

22. Why did the crab become a musician? Because it had a perfect pitch!

23. How do crabs keep their clothes wrinkle-free? They use a crab iron!

24. What do crabs say when they’re surprised? “Oh, my cod!”

25. Why did the crab get kicked out of the seafood restaurant? It was a sell-out!

26. What’s a crab’s favorite music genre? Claw-sical!

27. Why did the crab’s performance get a standing ovation? Because it was shell abate!

28. What do you call a crab with a sunburn? A lobster!

29. What do crabs do when they hear a good joke? They crack up!

30. Why did the crab join a comedy club? To improve its hilarious jokes!

 Crab Jokes

31. What’s a crab’s favorite game show? “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”

32. Why was the crab always nervous? I was a bit shell-shocked!

33. What’s a crab’s favorite instrument? The shell-o!

34. Why don’t crabs ever share their dessert? Because they’re shellfish!

35. What’s a crab’s favorite sport? Sand-volleyball!

36. Why did the crab become an architect? It was good at drawing claws!

37. What do crabs do on a lazy day? They take a crab nap!

38. Why did the crab start a band? It wanted to play some rock music!

39. What’s a crab’s favorite board game? Connect Four-claws!

40. How do crabs tell jokes? They use their shell phones to call for a crab audience!

41. Why did the crab blush at the beach? Because it saw the ocean’s bottom!

42. What do you call a crab that plays the guitar? A strumming crustacean!

43. How do crabs celebrate their birthdays? With a crab-equal party!

44. What do crabs use to clean their homes? A crab-pet!

45. Why did the crab get a promotion? It was claw-full at its job!

46. What do crabs study at school? Claw-cults!

47. What do crabs like to do on vacation? Shell-celebrate!

48. How do crabs call their friends? On their shell phones!

49. Why did the crab get an acting role? Because it was shell-entertaining!

50. What do you call a crab who plays the lottery? A claw-scratch winner!

Best Crab jokes

Here are some Best Crab Jokes.

51. How do crabs write books? They use their crab activity!

52. Why did the crab go to school? To improve its claw-ver!

53. What do crabs do at the end of a long day? They relax in their shell-fies!

54. Why did the crab always win arguments? Because it had the best claw arguments!

55. What’s a crab’s favorite social media platform? Snappy Chat!

 Crab Jokes

56. What do you call a crab with a crown? King Crustacean!

57. How do crabs throw a surprise party? They shell-abate secretly!

58. Why did the crab become a chef? It loved to whip up some crab-tivating dishes!

59. What do crabs do on a snowy day? They go crab-sledding!

60. How do crabs tell time? With a shell clock!

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