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50 Funny Crayon Jokes

Here are 50 Funny Crayon Jokes and the Best Crayon Puns for Kids and Adults.

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Crayon Joke

Here are 50 Funny Crayon Jokes for you:

1. Why did the crayon go to therapy? It had too many issues to sort out!

2. How do you organize a crayon party? You draw the line and invite the colors!

3. Why was the crayon feeling blue? It couldn’t find its true hue-more!

4. What did one crayon say to the other at the party? “Let’s color this town red!”

5. Why did the crayon bring a ladder? To draw higher expectations!

6. How do crayons settle disputes? They color me impressed!

7. What’s a crayon’s favorite game? “Color Tag” – but they always seem to draw it!

8. Why did the crayon get in trouble? It refused to stay within the lines of authority!

9. What’s a crayon’s favorite kind of music? Anything that’s colorful and has good pigment!

10. Why did the crayon start a band? It wanted to create some vibrant tunes!

11. What did the crayon say when it broke in half? “I’m feeling a little off-color today!”

12. How do crayons stay sharp? They hang out with pencils – they’re quite the sharp crowd!

13. What’s a crayon’s preferred mode of transportation? The “colour-wheel” bus!

14. Why did the crayon call in sick? It was feeling a bit sketchy!

15. How do crayons stay fit? They do a lot of “colour-cise”!

Crayon Jokes

16. What’s a crayon’s astrological sign? Cancer, because it’s always changing colors!

17. What do you call a group of musical crayons? A colourphonic orchestra!

18. Why did the crayon go to school early? It wanted to get a good seat in the coloring class!

19. What did one crayon say to the other after a long day? “Let’s call it a crayon-tastic day!”

20. Why did the crayon feel so smooth? It used a lot of moisturizers – it wanted to be “crayon-dle soft”!

21. What do you call a crayon that’s tired? A “drawn” out crayon!

22. How do crayons communicate with each other? By using colorful language, of course!

23. Why did the crayon refuse to share? It was feeling a bit “shellfish” with its colors!

24. What did the crayon say to the paper? “I’m drawn to you!”

25. What’s a crayon’s favorite TV show? “Spectrum’s Anatomy” – it’s quite a colorful drama!

26. Why did the crayon throw a party? To celebrate its wax-tastic personality!

27. How do crayons celebrate birthdays? With a vibrant “cray-day” cake!

28. Why did the crayon go to the art exhibition? It wanted to show off its “colorful” personality!

29. What’s a crayon’s favorite dessert? “Melted rainbow” – it’s vibrant and tasty!

30. Why did the crayon always carry a notebook? It liked to draw out its thoughts!

Crayon Jokes

31. How do crayons express their emotions? By using different shades of feelings!

32. Why did the crayon start a YouTube channel? It wanted to share its “colorful” life with the world!

33. What’s a crayon’s favorite sport? Concluding!

34. Why did the crayon join the computer class? It wanted to learn about pixelation – a different kind of coloring!

35. How do crayons keep track of time? With a colorful “cray-on” clock, of course!

36. Why did the crayon bring a ladder to the art gallery? It wanted to reach new heights of creativity!

37. What do you call a crayon with a great sense of humor? Hilarious hues!

38. Why did the crayon get in trouble at school? It wouldn’t stop drawing attention to itself!

39. What’s a crayon’s favorite plant? The “wax” flower – it feels like home!

40. Why did the crayon refuse to give autographs? It didn’t want to leave permanent impressions!

Best Funny Crayon jokes

Here are some Best Funny Jokes about Crayon:

41. How do crayons make decisions? They take a vote by drawing straws!

42. What did the crayon say to the pencil? “You’re so sharp – it’s almost cray-sey!”

43. Why did the crayon start a blog? To share its colorful thoughts in writing!

44. What’s a crayon’s favorite game show? “Wheel of Colours” – it’s quite the spin!

45. How do crayons relax? By coloring in the lines of a coloring book – it’s their version of meditation!

Crayon Jokes

46. Why did the crayon start meditating? It wanted to find its inner peace of “art”!

47. What’s a crayon’s favorite movie genre? Anything with a good plot and vivid colors!

48. Why did the crayon bring a backpack to the art class? To hold all its colorful dreams!

49. How do crayons keep secrets? They draw a “code of silence” between themselves!

50. Why did the crayon get a job as a comedian? It had a lot of “punchlines” to draw!

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