Disney Jokes

50 Funny Disney Jokes

Here are 50 Funny Disney Jokes and the Best Disney Puns for Kids and Adults.

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Disney Jokes

Here are 50 jokes about Disney.

1. Why did Mickey Mouse become an astronaut? He wanted to visit Pluto.

2. What’s Goofy’s favorite type of exercise? Goof-ups!

3. Why did the Disney princess go to school? To improve her “happily ever after-telling” skills.

4. How did Simba’s father know he’d been skipping school? He saw him lying low in the grass!

5. Why did Snow White get kicked out of the garden? She kept eating forbidden apples!

6. Why don’t Toy Story characters ever visit the doctor? They’re afraid of catching “Andy-bodies.”

7. What’s Mickey Mouse’s favorite treat in winter? Mice cream!

8. How does Elsa stay in shape? She lets it go at the gym!

9. Why did Woody and Buzz always get good grades? They were great at teamwork!

10. How do you organize a space party? You “planet” with Buzz Lightyear!

11. Why did Dopey take a ladder to the bar? He heard the drinks were in the house!

12. Why did Cinderella get kicked off the soccer team? She kept running away from the ball!

13. What’s Mickey Mouse’s favorite sport? Mini-golf!

14. Why did the Seven Dwarfs go to the gym? They wanted to be strong as “boulder-ers.”

15. What did Aladdin say when he was ready for battle? “I’m all set to rub you the wrong way!”

Disney Jokes

16. Why did Goofy refuse to play cards with the ocean? It was full of cheetahs (cheaters)!

17. How does Rapunzel keep her hair in great condition? She uses conditioner from the tower’s balcony!

18. What’s Donald Duck’s favorite dance move? The quickstep!

19. Why did Pluto hide when he saw a vacuum cleaner? He didn’t want to get sucked into another adventure!

20. What’s Captain Hook’s least favorite store? The second-hand shop!

21. Why did Mulan make a great chef? She knew how to work it!

22. What’s a pirate’s favorite Disney movie? “Are-all”!

23. Why did the Evil Queen visit the dentist? She needed a new “wicked” smile!

24. How does Tigger stay in shape? He does plenty of “bouncing” exercises!

25. Why did Mr. Potato Head get kicked out of the toy box? He kept shuddering insults!

26. What do you call a lost Disney princess? Cinder-“Ella”!

27. Why did Bambi go to acting school? To improve his deer performance!

28. What’s Woody’s favorite type of pie? Toy-berry!

29. Why did Elsa go to therapy? She needed to “let it all go.”

30. What’s Ariel’s favorite subject in school? Fish-tory!

Disney Jokes

31. Why did Genie get in trouble at school? He couldn’t stop making wishes during exams!

32. What’s the Lion King’s favorite game? Monopoly – it’s a “pride” thing!

33. Why was Pluto a bad guard dog? He kept barking up the wrong tree!

34. What did Peter Pan say to his shadow when it misbehaved? “You’re not very ‘shady’!”

35. How does Cruella de Vil take her coffee? With lots of “spots” of cream!

36. Why did Winnie the Pooh bring a ladder to the bar? He heard the drinks were honey-high!

37. What’s Tarzan’s favorite song? “Jungle Boogie”!

38. Why did Tiana open a restaurant? She wanted to show that frog legs were better than dancers!

39. What’s Eeyore’s favorite type of music? Blues clues!

40. Why did Maleficent go to the gym? To get those wicked gains!

Best Disney Puns

Here are some Best Disney Puns.

41. What did Mickey Mouse say to the IRS? “I don’t own that, I’m just the ‘mouse’!”

42. How does Jack Sparrow get his hair so perfect? With a lot of “sea spray”!

43. Why did Belle bring a backpack to the library? To put the beast-sellers in it!

44. What did Lightning McQueen say to Mater? “You’re ‘tow-much’ fun!”

45. Why did Pinocchio go to school? To become a real smarty-pants!

Disney Jokes

46. What did the Fairy Godmother say at the talent show? “Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo, you all did great!”

47. Why was Dumbo always invited to parties? He could bring his elephant-sized appetizers!

48. What do you call a grumpy dwarf with a sunburn? “Roasty”!

49. Why did Sleeping Beauty open a bakery? She knew all about the “best in doughnuts”!

50. What do you call a deer with no eyes? No “I deer”, but Bambi thought it was funny!

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