Flying Jokes

50 Funny Flying Jokes

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Flying Jokes

Here are 50 jokes about Flying.

1. Why did the airplane go to therapy? It had too many “flying” issues!

2. I told my paper airplane a joke, but I didn’t laugh. I guess it’s just not “flying” humor.

3. Why was the bird always anxious? It had a “flying” phobia!

4. What’s a pilot’s favorite game? “Flying” Monopoly!

5. Why did the computer go to flight school? It wanted to learn “flying” data!

6. Did you hear about the superhero who could control airplanes? He had the power of “flying” control!

7. How do you keep a bird from “flying” away? Hide its wings!

8. Why did the mathematician become a pilot? He loved “flying” numbers!

9. What’s a skeleton’s least favorite mode of travel? “Flying” by the seat of its pants!

10. Why was the chef a terrible pilot? He couldn’t handle “flying” saucers!

 Flying Jokes

11. Why did the scarecrow try skydiving? It wanted to conquer its fear of “flying”!

12. Why was the calendar bad at piloting? It couldn’t keep its “flying” days straight!

13. How do birds stick together in a storm? They use “flying” adhesive!

14. Why did the bicycle try to fly? I heard about “flying” gear!

15. Why did the scientist put wings on a suitcase? He wanted to create “flying” luggage!

16. How do you make a tissue “fly”? Give it some “flying” lessons!

17. What do you call a flightless bird’s dream? A “flying” nightmare!

18. Why did the smartphone go to pilot school? It wanted to become “flying” tech!

19. What do you call a group of musical pilots? The “flying” orchestra!

20. Why don’t airplanes tell jokes? They’re afraid of “flying” humor!

21. What’s a magician’s favorite type of travel? “Flying” carpets, of course!

22. Why was the vegetable excited to board the plane? It had never experienced “flying” greens before!

23. How do you catch a squirrel that’s “flying” through the air? Climb a tree and act like a nut!

24. What do you call a bird that’s always late? “Flying” behind schedule!

25. Why did the basketball player become a pilot? He was great at “flying” rebounds!

26. What do you call a cow that can fly? A “flying” moo-musician!

27. Why did the dentist take up skydiving? He wanted to conquer his fear of “flying” teeth!

28. What’s a pirate’s favorite kind of bird? “Flying” fish, are!

29. Why did the astronaut break up with his spaceship? He couldn’t handle its commitment issues with “flying”!

30. Why did the tomato turn red while on the airplane? It saw the “flying” ketchup!

 Flying Jokes

31. Why did the teacher bring a ladder on the plane? To help her students with their “flying” lessons!

32. What’s a vampire’s favorite way to travel? “Flying” red-eye flights!

33. Why did the comedian become a pilot? He wanted to soar to new heights of “flying” laughter!

34. Why was the bicycle good at flying? It had a “flying” start!

35. What’s a plant’s favorite form of transportation? “Flying” seeds!

36. Why did the musician perform on an airplane? He wanted to experience “flying” harmonies!

37. Why don’t birds use computers? They’re afraid of “flying” viruses!

38. How did the skeleton start “flying”? He grew a pair of humerus wings!

39. What do you call a snobbish airplane? A “flying” high-brow!

40. Why did the computer become a pilot? It wanted to master “flying” algorithms!

Best Flying Puns

Here are some Best Flying Puns.

41. What do you call a superhero who can’t fly? “Fighting” instead of “flying”!

42. Why did the astronaut take a broom to space? To sweep away any “flying” debris!

43. Why did the snowman refuse to fly? He didn’t want to melt from “flying” too high!

44. How do you become a “flying” expert? Just wing it!

45. Why did the cake try to fly? I heard about “flying” icing!

 Flying Jokes

46. What do you call a cat that can fly? A “flying” furball!

47. Why did the chef start a cooking show on an airplane? To demonstrate “flying” recipes!

48. What’s a bee’s favorite way to travel? “Flying” on its buzziness class!

49. Why did the gardener become a pilot? He loved “flying” flowers!

50. What’s a kangaroo’s favorite mode of transportation? “Flying” leaps of course!

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