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50 Funny Furniture Jokes

Here are 50 Funny Furniture Jokes and the Best Furniture Puns for Kids and Adults.

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Furniture Jokes

Here are 50 jokes about Furniture :

1. Why did the coffee table get sent to detention? It couldn’t keep its legs in line!

2. How do you organize a space party? You “planet” with furniture!

3. Why did the lamp break up with the table? It felt overshadowed!

4. Why don’t chairs ever get promoted? Because they always take a seat during meetings!

5. Why did the wardrobe go to therapy? It had too many skeletons in its closet!

6. What did the rug say to the floor? “I’ve got you covered!”

7. Why did the bookcase go to school? It wanted to get shelf-educated!

8. What’s a coach’s favorite type of music? Anything with a lot of “chords”!

9. Why was the bed always the life of the party? Because it knew how to “spring” into action!

10. Why did the computer chair go to the gym? It wanted to improve its “posture”!

Furniture Jokes

11. What’s a drawer’s least favorite day of the week? Monday, because it’s always feeling a bit “stuck”!

12. Why was the dining table feeling down? It had too many “plateful” thoughts!

13. How do you fix a broken cabinet? With some “cabinet”-ry skills!

14. Why did the coffee table blush? Because it saw the couch’s “soft” side!

15. What’s a wardrobe’s favorite dance move? The “hanger”!

16. Why did the Lamp become a stand-up comedian? It had too many “light-hearted” jokes!

17. What do you call a bed that doesn’t make you breakfast? Unreliable!

18. Why did the stool refuse to talk to the chair? It felt like it was always being looked down upon!

19. How does a drawer apologize? It “slides” back into the conversation!

20. Why did the desk go to the doctor? It had too many “keyboard” warriors!

21. What did the sofa say to the recliner? “You’ve got my full support!”

22. Why was the bookshelf the teacher’s favorite? It always had the best “shelf control”!

23. What’s a drawer’s favorite exercise? Pull-ups!

24. Why did the cupboard get an award? Because it had the best “shelf-esteem”!

25. How do you make a tissue dance? Put it in the cabinet and play some “B-box” music!

26. What did the lamp say when it got replaced? “Don’t worry, I’ll always have a ‘light’ to stand on!”

27. Why did the chair join the military? It wanted to be a “chair” force pilot!

28. How do you know if a chair is good at chess? It’s always thinking a few “moves” ahead!

29. Why was the coffee table a great detective? It always had a good “leg” to stand on for evidence!

30. What do you call a sofa that’s been stolen? A couch-napper!

Furniture Jokes

31. Why did the stool start a band? Because it wanted to “stool” the show!

32. Why did the dresser go on a diet? It wanted to shed some “drawers”!

33. What did the cushion say to the sofa? “I’ve got your back, no matter how ‘cushy’ the situation is!”

34. Why did the wardrobe apply for a job? It wanted to have a “clothes-minded” career!

35. What’s a bed’s favorite type of story? A “cover” story!

36. Why did the table blush? Because it saw the chair’s “folding” skills!

37. What do you call a chair that can sing? An “arm” chair vocalist!

38. Why did the lamp get in trouble? Because it couldn’t stop “bulb”-ring out!

39. How do you organize a furniture parade? You “march” to the beat of the couch’s cushions!

40. What do you call a bed that’s having a bad day? Grumpy mattress!

Best Furniture jokes

Here are some Best Furniture Jokes.

41. Why did the mirror go to school? It wanted to learn how to “reflect” on its actions!

42. What’s a desk’s favorite type of comedy? Stand-up, of course!

43. Why did the chair apply for a job at the computer store? It had great “support” for technology!

44. What’s a sofa’s favorite TV show? Anything with “couch” potatoes!

45. Why did the coffee table get an award? It had the best “leg-up” in design!

Furniture Jokes

46. What’s a lamp’s favorite sport? Light-weightlifting!

47. Why did the bookcase go to the doctor? It had too many “shelf”-inflicted injuries!

48. What did the chair say to the table during an argument? “Let’s just ‘chair’ our differences!”

49. Why did the cabinet go to the gym? It wanted to work on its “cabinet”-entry!

50. How do you keep a couch from floating away? Your “sofa” doesn’t have any holes!

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