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50 Funny Goose Jokes

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Goose Puns

Here are 50 Funny Goose Jokes for you:

1. What do you call a goose that can play the piano? A quack-musician!

2. Why did the goose go to school? To improve its egg-u-cation!

3. How do geese stay in shape? They do “wing” exercises!

4. What did the goose say to the gander on Valentine’s Day? “You’re my hon-stoppable love!”

5. Why was the goose such a great detective? Because it always had its beak in other people’s business!

6. What’s a goose’s favorite board game? Duck, Duck, Goose Chess!

7. Why don’t geese like to travel? Because they’re afraid of flying away from their “nest” egg!

8. How did the goose make its computer faster? It goosed up the RAM!

9. What do you call a clever goose? An egg-explorer!

10. Why did the goose break up with its partner? They had too many “grouse” disputes!

Goose Jokes

11. What do you get when you cross a goose with a kangaroo? A jumper cable!

12. Why did the goose go to the dentist? To get its “bill” checked!

13. How do geese celebrate their birthdays? With a big “honk”-out party!

14. What do you call a goose that likes to travel alone? A lone goose ranger!

15. What’s a goose’s favorite dessert? Gooseberry pie, of course!

16. Why don’t geese ever get lost? They always have their “migratory GPS” on!

17. What did the goose say when it got a compliment? “You’re making me feel all a-flap!”

18. What’s a goose’s favorite sport? Quack-jack!

19. How do geese stay warm in the winter? They put on their goose-down jackets!

20. What did the gosling do when it was told a joke? It giggled like a little “honker”!

21. Why do geese make great comedians? They always have a “quacking” sense of humor!

22. How do you throw a goose party? You wing it!

23. What do you call a goose with great style? A fashion “flock star”!

24. Why was the goose always on time? Because it had an excellent “fly”-day schedule!

25. What did the goose say to the naughty gosling? “You’re being quite the “egg-sport” troublemaker!”

26. Why did the goose get a ticket? It was caught “speeding” in a no-fly zone!

27. What do you call a goose that’s good at math? An egg-experienced calculator!

28. How do geese solve problems? They “wing” it!

29. Why was the goose blushing? It saw the “quacker” it had a crush on!

30. What do you call a goose that tells jokes? A stand-up “gaggle” comedian!

Goose Jokes

31. Why do geese hate going to the airport? Too many “fly”-away delays!

32. What do geese do when they want to chat? They get on their “web”-bed feet and start “goose” chatting!

33. What did the goose say when it won the lottery? “I’m going on a honk-tastic vacation!”

34. Why did the goose start a band? It wanted to be a “bill”-board chart-topper!

35. How do geese make decisions? They “quack” their heads together!

36. What do you call a goose with a sore throat? A hoarse goose!

37. Why don’t geese ever tell secrets? Because they’re afraid of “egg”-sposing themselves!

38. What’s a goose’s favorite country song? “Don’t Take Your Love to Town” by Kenny Rogers!

39. How do geese stay fit? They do the “wing”-ercise dance!

40. What did the goose do when it heard a funny joke? It had a good “cackle”!

Best Goose jokes

Here are some Best Goose Jokes.

41. Why did the goose start a blog? To share its “web”-bed thoughts with the world!

42. What’s a goose’s favorite dance move? The “goose”-step!

43. How do geese communicate secretly? They use “covert quacks”!

44. Why did the goose go to drama school? To perfect its “theatrical honk”!

45. What’s a goose’s favorite TV show? “America’s Got Gander”!

Goose Jokes

46. What do you call a goose that loves to sing? A warbl-goose!

47. How do geese pay for things online? With their “bill” fold!

48. Why did the goose get in trouble at school? It kept “goosing” the teacher’s desk!

49. What’s a goose’s favorite movie genre? Quack-tion films!

50. Why did the goose get hired as a lifeguard? Because it was an expert in “waterfowl” safety!

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