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50 Funny Knife Jokes

Here are 50 Funny Knife Jokes and the Best Knife Puns for Kids and Adults.

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Knife Jokes

Here are 50 jokes about knives.

1. Why did the knife apply for a job? It wanted to cut it in the business world!

2. What do you call a knife that tells jokes? A pun-knife!

3. Why did the knife go to therapy? It had too many sharp emotions.

4. How do knives greet each other? “Blade to meet you!”

5. Why did the knife blush? It saw the salad dressing!

6. Why was the knife always calm? It had excellent cutting-edge relaxation techniques.

7. What did one knife say to the other? “Let’s stick together!”

8. Why did the knife break up with the spoon? It felt like they were on different edges of life.

9. How do knives get ready for a party? They sharpen their looks!

10. What did the knife say to the tomato? “Don’t get saucy with me!”

Knife Jokes

11. Why did the knife get kicked out of school? It couldn’t cut class anymore.

12. What’s a knife’s favorite music? Heavy metal!

13. Why did the knife go to the gym? It wanted to stay sharp!

14. Why did the butter spread the rumor about the knife? It was jealous of its cutting-edge reputation.

15. How did the knife win the talent show? It had the sharpest performance!

16. Why did the knife apply for a passport? It wanted to travel the world and meet different blades of life.

17. What’s a knife’s favorite game? Truth or serrated edge!

18. Why did the knife go to the dance? To slice up the dance floor!

19. How do knives give each other high fives? They use their blade!

20. Why did the knife start a band? It wanted to cut through the noise.

21. What’s a knife’s favorite subject in school? Cutting-edge technology!

22. Why was the knife a great therapist? It had a knack for cutting to the core of issues.

23. How do knives apologize? They say, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be so cutting.”

24. Why did the knife start telling ghost stories? It wanted to keep everyone on edge!

25. What do you call a knife that’s afraid to cut? A chicken chopper!

26. Why did the knife apply for a job in construction? It wanted to build its edge!

27. How do knives celebrate birthdays? With a slice of cake, of course!

28. Why did the knife go to art school? It had a keen eye for detail!

29. What’s a knife’s favorite type of comedy? Cutting-edge humor!

30. Why did the knife go to the therapist? It had a split personality!

Knife Jokes

31. How do knives send messages? They use a sharp messenger service!

32. Why did the knife start reading self-help books? It wanted to improve its cutting skills!

33. What’s a knife’s favorite social media platform? Instagram, because it’s all about sharp photos!

34. Why did the knife refuse to go bungee jumping? It was afraid of getting too close to the edge!

35. How do knives stay in shape? They go to the gym and do blade exercises!

36. Why did the knife go to the party alone? I couldn’t find a suitable date!

37. What’s a knife’s favorite magic trick? Disappearing in a flash!

38. Why did the knife get a job at the bakery? It wanted to earn its bread and butter!

39. How do knives express their love? They give each other warm “hug” cuts!

40. Why did the knife go to school early? I didn’t want to miss the cutting-edge lessons!

Best Knife Puns

Here are some Best Knife Puns.

41. What do you call a knife that sings? A croon-life!

42. Why did the knife go to the comedy club? I heard the jokes were sharp!

43. How do knives make decisions? They weigh the options!

44. Why did the knife go to the beach? It wanted to catch some rays and show off its shiny edge!

45. What’s a knife’s favorite drink? Lemon-sharp tea!

Knife Jokes

46. Why did the knife start a YouTube channel? It wanted to share its cutting-edge tutorials!

47. How do knives apologize to each other? They say, “I didn’t mean to be so cutting, I was just trying to slice through the conversation!”

48. Why did the knife join the band? It wanted to be in the cutting-edge music scene!

49. What’s a knife’s favorite game show? “Wheel of Serrated Fortune!”

50. Why did the knife break up with the fork? I realized they were at different times in life.

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