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50 Funny Laundry Jokes

Here are 50 Funny Laundry Jokes and the Best Laundry Puns for Kids and Adults.

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Laundry Jokes

Here are 50 jokes about Laundry.

1. Why did the sock refuse to do the laundry? It had too many hang-ups!

2. What do you call a washing machine that sings? A spin-doctor!

3. Why was the belt always invited to the laundry party? It held everything together!

4. Why did the detergent break up with the bleach? It couldn’t handle the whitewash!

5. Did you hear about the washing machine that went on strike? It refused to work unless it got a raise in cycles!

6. How do you organize a space-themed laundry day? Sort the clothes by “galaxies” and “constellations”!

7. Why did the t-shirt go to therapy? It had too many wrinkles to iron out!

8. What’s a dryer’s favorite dance move? The tumble!

9. Why did the sock call the laundry service? It wanted to get a clean break from its partner!

10. How do you make doing laundry fun? Turn it into a “spin” class!

Laundry Jokes

11. What’s a washing machine’s favorite type of music? Heavy metal!

12. Why did the shirt go to the laundromat alone? I didn’t want to be “paired” with anyone else!

13. What’s a detergent’s favorite movie genre? Soap operas!

14. Why did the jeans go to therapy? They couldn’t fit into their old patterns anymore!

15. How do you make a laundry detergent laugh? Give it a good scrub!

16. What do you call it when a pair of pants starts an argument with a shirt? A laundry feud!

17. Why do socks hate doing laundry? Because they always end up losing their sole mates!

18. How do you know if a sock is at a laundromat? It’s hanging out with strangers!

19. What did the towel say to the washing machine? “I’m feeling a bit washed out!”

20. Why did the sweater blush at the laundromat? It saw the washing machine’s “delicate” setting!

21. What’s a lint’s favorite game? Hide and seek – it’s always seeking a hiding place!

22. Why did the blanket go to school? To get better at folding itself!

23. What’s a laundry detergent’s favorite social media platform? Insta-clean!

24. How do socks stay warm in the winter? They cozy up to the dryer vent!

25. What’s a sock’s favorite party game? Spin the bottle – dryer style!

26. Why did the shirt go to the doctor? It had a collar iris!

27. What did the washer say to the sock? “Stop making a spectacle of yourself!”

28. Why was the underwear embarrassed at the laundry party? It got caught with its tag out!

29. How do you comfort a towel? Pat it on the back!

30. Why did the sock get a ticket? It was caught loitering around the dryer!

Laundry Jokes

31. What do you call it when a sock becomes a superhero? Laundry League!

32. How do you make a sock puppet? Start by folding a sock into submission!

33. Why did the towel go to school? It wanted to learn how to “wrap” things up neatly!

34. What’s a washing machine’s favorite snack? Spinach!

35. Why did the fabric softener refuse to play hide and seek? It didn’t want to get too “clingy”!

36. What’s a lint’s favorite dessert? Lint-dt cake!

37. Why did the sock file a police report? It was framed by underwear!

38. How do you make doing laundry a team sport? Play “basket” ball with the socks!

39. What did one shirt say to the other? “I like hanging out with you!”

40. Why did the clothes go to therapy together? They needed to air out their issues!

Best Laundry Puns

Here are some Best Laundry Puns.

41. How do you organize a sock drawer? With a “pair” -ed approach!

42. Why did the t-shirt go to the gym? To get some “starch” training!

43. What’s a lint’s favorite holiday? April “Fuzz” Day!

44. Why did the washer get a promotion? It had a great “spin” on things!

45. How do you turn a shirt into a ghost? Just let it hang around for a while!

Laundry Jokes

46. What did one laundry basket say to the other? “Are you feeling a bit ‘overloaded’ today?”

47. Why was the laundry detergent feeling philosophical? It was pondering the meaning of “spotlessness”!

48. What’s a sock’s favorite type of movie? A sock-umentary!

49. Why did the sock bring a ladder to the laundromat? It wanted to see the “high” spin cycle!

50. How do you catch a lost sock? Set up a “missing pair” investigation!

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