Lego Jokes

100 Funny Lego Jokes

Here are 100 Funny Lego Jokes and the Best Lego Puns for Kids and Adults.

Here is our top list of Lego Jokes. Find your favorite puns about Lego and then share them with your friends and family to make fun.

Lego Jokes

Here are 100 jokes about Lego.

1. Why did the LEGO minifigure go to therapy? It had too many “brick-ups”!

2. What do you call a LEGO creation that’s always tired? A sleepy blockhead!

3. Did you hear about the LEGO fan who became a musician? He built a brick guitar and played “Lego My Eggo”!

4. How does a LEGO chef season their food? With a pinch of brick space!

5. Why did the LEGO character start a gardening business? To make sure everything was built on solid “ground plates”!

6. What do you call a LEGO piece that’s always running late? A “time brick”!

7. How do LEGO bricks stay in shape? They do “brick-robics” every morning!

8. Why did the LEGO teacher go to the hospital? They had a case of “block-itis” from standing too long!

9. What did the LEGO astronaut say to the alien? “Lego of my spaceship!”

10. Why don’t LEGO characters ever tell lies? Because they always stick to the “brick” truth!

11. How do LEGO pieces communicate? They use their “brick phones”!

12. What’s a LEGO pirate’s favorite kind of music? “Brick-and-roll”!

13. What did the LEGO police officer say to the criminal? “You’re under brick arrest!”

14. Why did the LEGO cowboy go to therapy? He had too many “wild brick” emotions!

15. How do LEGO characters stay organized? They use “brick-tionaries”!

16. Why did the LEGO scientist become a gardener? He wanted to study the growth of “brick-tus” plants!

17. What’s a LEGO vampire’s favorite fruit? A “blood brick” orange!

18. How do LEGO characters keep their clothes clean? They use “brick-tide” detergent!

19. Why did the LEGO computer scientist go offline? He needed a “brick break” from coding!

20. What do you call a LEGO witch’s home? A “brick-style”!

21. How do LEGO characters listen to music? With their “brick phones”!

22. Why was the LEGO artist always calm? Because they knew how to “brick-lax”!

23. How do LEGO characters stay in touch with their friends? They send “brick-mails”!

24. Why did the LEGO chef become a firefighter? He loved putting out “brick-oven” fires!

25. What’s a LEGO superhero’s catchphrase? “To the bricks and beyond!”

26. Why did the LEGO golfer bring an extra pair of pants? In case he got a “hole-in-brick”!

27. How do LEGO characters pay for things? With “brick-credit” cards!

28. What did the LEGO dog say to the cat? “Let’s play fetch with a ‘brick stick’!”

29. Why did the LEGO athlete always win? He had the “brick-speed” advantage!

30. How do LEGO characters enjoy movies? They have “blockbusters” night!

Lego Jokes

31. What did the LEGO farmer say to the chicken? “Lego of that egg!”

32. Why did the LEGO construction worker take a nap? He needed a “brick-break”!

33. How do LEGO characters solve mysteries? With their “brick-dar”!

34. What’s a LEGO dragon’s favorite game? “Brick-or-Dare”!

35. Why did the LEGO detective never get lost? He had a great “brick sense” of direction!

36. How do LEGO characters learn new things? They attend “brickademies”!

37. What did the LEGO snowman say when it started melting? “I’m having a ‘brick-down’!”

38. Why did the LEGO comedian become a gardener? He wanted to tell “brick-achingly” funny jokes!

39. What’s a LEGO racecar driver’s favorite track? The “brick-lane” speedway!

40. How do LEGO characters go on vacation? They book a “brick-scape”!

41. Why did the LEGO scientist go on a diet? They wanted to lose some “brick-weight”!

42. What’s a LEGO surfer’s favorite phrase? “Catch a wave and ‘brick-lax’!”

43. Why did the LEGO student bring a ladder to school? To go to the “brick-teria”!

44. How do LEGO characters enjoy the outdoors? They have a “brick nic”!

45. What’s a LEGO vampire’s favorite place? “Transyl-brick-vanilla”!

46. Why did the LEGO musician become a gardener? They wanted to plant “harmony bricks”!

47. What did the LEGO chicken say to the egg? “I’m a ‘bricky’ parent!”

48. How do LEGO characters navigate the city? With their “brick phones”!

49. Why did the LEGO mountain climber carry extra bricks? In case of a “rock-brick-slide”!

50. What’s a LEGO spy’s favorite gadget? The “brick sector”!

51. Why did the LEGO firefighter bring a bucket to the barbecue? Just in case of a “brick flame”!

52. How do LEGO characters tell time? With “brick-watches”!

53. What did the LEGO kangaroo say to its baby? “Time to ‘brick-bounce’!”

54. Why did the LEGO chef always have a smile? He loved to “brick-cook”!

55. What’s a LEGO wizard’s favorite spell? “Alaka-brick!”

56. How do LEGO characters exercise? They do “brick-aerobics”!

57. Why did the LEGO cow go to the dentist? It had a “moo-teacher” from chewing too much “brick grass”!

58. What’s a LEGO scientist’s favorite book? “Brick-ology 101”!

59. How do LEGO characters catch fish? With “brick hooks”!

60. Why did the LEGO teacher go to the beach? To have a “sand-brick” vacation!

61. What did the LEGO monkey say to the banana? “Lego of that ‘brick-fruit’!”

62. How do LEGO characters solve math problems? They use “brick-collators”!

63. Why did the LEGO aliens visit Earth? To see the famous “brick monuments”!

64. What’s a LEGO detective’s favorite movie? “The Brickshawshank Redemption”!

65. How do LEGO characters express love? They give “brick hugs”!

66. Why did the LEGO frog become a gardener? To find the perfect “lily-brick”!

67. What did the LEGO ghost say to the living? “You’re giving me the ‘brick chills’!”

68. How do LEGO characters keep secrets? They have “brick-encryption”!

69. Why did the LEGO pirate always carry a shovel? In the case of “brick treasure”!

70. What’s a LEGO astronaut’s favorite planet? “Brick-sar”!

Lego Jokes

71. How do LEGO characters protect their homes? With “brick alarms”!

72. Why did the LEGO artist love using crayons? They could “brick-color” outside the lines!

73. What’s a LEGO superhero’s weakness? “Krypto-brick”!

74. How do LEGO characters tell jokes? They have “brick-liners”!

75. Why did the LEGO giraffe become a musician? It had a natural “brick neck” for the trumpet!

76. What’s a LEGO chef’s favorite song? “Brick by Brick”!

77. How do LEGO characters avoid sunburn? They use “brick-sunscreen”!

78. Why did the LEGO penguin carry a fan? To stay cool in the “brick-tic” temperatures!

79. What’s a LEGO pilot’s favorite phrase? “Ready for ‘brick-off’!”

80. How do LEGO characters learn to dance? They take “brick lessons”!

81. Why did the LEGO cat bring a backpack? To carry its “brick-kibble”!

82. What’s a LEGO king’s favorite command? “Brick the royal feast!”

83. How do LEGO characters fix their hair? With a “brick comb”!

84. Why did the LEGO elephant bring a suitcase? It was going on a “brick safari”!

85. What’s a LEGO detective’s favorite dessert? “Brick-blueberry pie”!

86. How do LEGO characters celebrate birthdays? With a “brick party”!

87. Why did the LEGO vampire become a dentist? It loved to “brick-floss” teeth!

88. What’s a LEGO astronaut’s favorite snack? “Space-brick” pretzels!

89. How do LEGO characters write letters? With a “brick pen”!

90. Why did the LEGO knight bring a lunchbox to battle? In case of a “brick-fast” emergency!

Best Lego Puns

Here are some Best Lego Puns.

91. What’s a LEGO superhero’s favorite way to relax? Watching “Brick-busters”!

92. How do LEGO characters go camping? In a “brick tent”!

93. Why did the LEGO ghost become a gardener? It wanted to grow “spooktacular” flowers!

94. What’s a LEGO scientist’s favorite element? “Brick-tinium”!

95. How do LEGO characters build trust? With “brick-creds”!

Lego Jokes

96. Why did the LEGO rabbit go to the gym? To work on its “brick-hop”!

97. What’s a LEGO chef’s favorite tool? The “brick-pan”!

98. How do LEGO characters stay warm in winter? With “brick blankets”!

99. Why did the LEGO cowboy bring a ladder to the rodeo? To catch a “brick-o”!

100. What did the LEGO bee say to the flower? “Lego my nectar!”

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