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75 Funny Moon Jokes

Here are 75 Funny Moon Jokes and the Best Moon Puns for Kids and Adults.

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Moon Jokes

Here are 75 jokes about the Moon.

1. Why did the moon get a job? It wanted to earn a little “moon”.

2. What do you call a group of musical moons? A lunar orchestra.

3. Did you hear about the sun’s complaint to the moon? It said, “You’re always stealing my spotlight!”

4. Why did the moon stay up all night? It couldn’t resist a good “moon-light” dance party.

5. Why don’t scientists trust the moon? Because it’s always changing its story!

6. What’s a moon’s favorite day of the week? Moon-day!

7. How does the moon cut its hair? Eclipse it!

8. What do you get when you cross a werewolf with a full moon? A very hairy night!

9. Why did the Moon apply for a job at the pizza shop? It wanted to learn how to make the perfect “crescent” roll.

10. Why did the moon get in trouble at school? I couldn’t stop daydreaming!

11. How do you make a moon cup of tea? Put some “star”-anise in it!

12. What’s the moon’s favorite game? Hide and “crescent” seek.

13. Why was the moon blushing? It saw the sun “rising”!

14. What do you call a mischievous moon? A lunar-tic!

15. Why did the moon go to therapy? It had too many “phases” to work through.

16. How does the moon cut its sandwiches? With an “eclipse” of bread!

17. What’s the moon’s favorite dessert? “Blue” berry pie.

18. Why was the Moon a good student? It had great “lunar” intelligence.

19. What’s a moon’s favorite song? “Total Eclipse of the Heart.”

20. Why did the moon break up with the asteroid? It needed some “space” to think.

 Moon Jokes

21. How do you throw a space party? You “planet” with lots of moon-themed decorations!

22. What do you call a moon that’s always late? Tardy-rial!

23. What did one moon say to the other moon? “I’m over the moon to see you!”

24. Why did the moon get a ticket? It was parked in a “full” zone.

25. What’s the moon’s favorite sport? Lunar-tics!

26. How does the moon stay cool? It uses “lunar” shades!

27. What did the sun say to the moon at breakfast? “Have a sunny-side-up day!”

28. Why did the moon get a computer? It wanted to surf the “net” in space.

29. What did the moon say to the Earth? “You make my tides turn!”

30. Why did the Moon apply for a job at the bakery? It heard they needed more “dough” in the oven.

31. What’s a moon’s favorite candy? “Star”-bursts!

32. Why was the moon jealous of the stars? They had more “twinkle” in their eyes.

33. What’s the moon’s favorite board game? “Clue” nary!

34. Why did the moon start a garden? It wanted to “grow” in new ways.

35. What’s the moon’s favorite book? “To Kill a “Moon”  Kingbird.”

36. Why did the moon go to the gym? It wanted to stay in “shape.”

37. How does the moon write a letter? With its “space”-pen.

38. What’s the moon’s favorite dance move? The “moonwalk,” of course!

39. Why did the moon go to school? To learn how to be “half” the best it can be.

40. How does the moon travel? By “star” ship!

 Moon Jokes

41. What’s the moon’s favorite comedy show? “How I Met Your “Moon”ther.”

42. Why was the moon good at math? It had its “phases” down.

43. How does the moon organize its closet? It sorts things by “crescent” size.

44. What did the moon say after a long day? “I’m feeling a bit “waning” now.”

45. Why did the moon get an award? It had a “stellar” performance.

46. What’s the moon’s favorite exercise? Moon yoga – it’s all about finding your “center.”

47. Why did the moon get a new job? It wanted a “fuller” experience.

48. How does the moon communicate with its friends? Through “satellite” messages.

49. What’s the moon’s favorite ice cream flavor? “Blue” moon!

50. Why did the moon start a band? It wanted to be a “lunar” rockstar.

51. What’s the moon’s favorite place to hang out? The “crater” of attention.

52. Why did the moon go to the dentist? It had a “waning” toothache.

53. What’s the moon’s favorite movie genre? “Space” comedies!

54. How did the moon get in shape? It did a lot of “crescent” crunches.

55. What’s the moon’s favorite word game? “Lunatic” Scrabble.

56. Why did the moon bring a ladder to the party? It wanted to go “higher” than the stars.

57. How does the moon relax? It takes a “lunar” soak in the galaxy bath.

58. What’s the moon’s favorite way to communicate? By “phasing” messages.

59. Why did the moon go to school early? It didn’t want to be tardy-rial.

60. What’s the moon’s favorite subject? “Eclipses” and eclipsology!

Best Moon Puns

Here are some Best Moon Puns.

61. How does the moon tell jokes? It uses “phases” of humor.

62. Why did the moon get a makeover? It wanted to “wax” its best.

63. What’s the moon’s favorite game show? “Wheel of “Fortune” in the sky.

64. Why did the moon audition for a movie? It wanted to be a “star” on the big screen.

65. How does the moon get its news? It watches the “nightly” broadcasts.

66. What’s the moon’s favorite accessory? “Space” earrings!

67. Why did the moon go to the party in a suit? It wanted to be “suited” for the occasion.

68. How does the moon fix its car? With a “lunar” wrench!

69. What’s the moon’s favorite flavor of gum? “Mint”-y fresh.

70. Why did the moon start a bakery? It wanted to rise to the occasion.

 Moon Jokes

71. How does the moon make friends? It’s very “waxing” sociable.

72. What’s the moon’s favorite painting style? “Crescent”  is!

73. Why did the moon apply for a job at the circus? It had a “stellar” balancing act.

74. What’s the moon’s favorite fruit? “Orbit” ranges!

75. Why did the moon become a detective? It was great at “solving” mysteries in the night sky.

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