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50 Funny Panda Jokes

Here are 50 Panda Jokes and the Best Panda Puns for Kids and Adults.

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Panda Puns

Here are 50 Funny Panda Jokes for you:

1. Why don’t pandas like old movies? Because they prefer black and white!

2. What did one panda say to the other on a hot day? “I’m bamboozled by this heat!”

3. Why did the panda like old music? Because they were into “Bamboo-zart”!

4. How does a panda stay cool? By eating lots of “or”-berries!

5. What do you call a sleeping panda? A “nap”-anda!

6. How do pandas avoid getting sick? They take “bam-boosters”!

7. Why did the panda go to the art gallery? To see the “pand-art” exhibition!

8. What’s a panda’s favorite subject in school? “Bamboo”-nasties!

9. Why was the panda so good at math? They were great at “panda logic”!

10. What do you get when you cross a panda and a kangaroo? A bamboo-jumping bear!

Panda Jokes

11. How do pandas send mail? By “bear”-mail!

12. Why do pandas never win arguments? They can’t handle the “pandamonium”!

13. What do you call a fashionable panda? “Panda”-minimum!

14. Why was the baby panda always so confident? They were raised on “panda expressions”!

15. What did the panda say when asked about their favorite song? “I’m a big fan of ‘Panda’-medium Rock!”

16. How do pandas apologize? They say, “I’m ‘panda’-fully sorry!”

17. Why did the panda refuse to play cards? They didn’t want to deal with the “bamboozle”!

18. What do pandas like to do at parties? They “bear” -ly dance and mostly munch!

19. Why are pandas such good comedians? Because they know how to deliver a “bamboo”-neckline!

20. What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear – just like a toothless panda!

21. How do pandas make phone calls? They use their “bear”-y own bamboo truth!

22. What did the panda say when asked about their favorite book? “I love ‘Eats, Shoots, and Leaves’ – it’s about my daily routine!”

23. Why did the panda start a band? They wanted to be a “rock-a-panda” superstar!

24. How do pandas make decisions? They “bam-choose” the best option!

25. What’s a panda’s favorite dessert? “Bam-boo-tiful” ice cream sundaes!

26. Why did the panda join a dance class? They wanted to learn the “bamboo-galoo”!

27. What’s a panda’s favorite game? “Bamboo”-led, of course!

28. Why do pandas never get bored? Because they have a “bamboo-tiful” imagination!

29. What did the panda chef say after preparing a delicious meal? “It’s ‘bear’-y delicious!”

30. How do pandas keep their fur clean? They “bamboo-sh” it regularly!

Panda Jokes

31. Why did the panda refuse to share their dessert? They said, “Sorry, it’s a ‘panda’-medium exclusive!”

32. What’s a panda’s favorite sport? “Bamboo”-ton, of course!

33. Why was the Panda a terrible goalie? They couldn’t save anything – not even their “bamboo nanas”!

34. How do pandas stay up-to-date? They read “Panda”-minimum Times!

35. What do you call a panda who loves to travel? An “explore-a-bear”!

36. Why did the panda go on a diet? They wanted to “bamboo-se” some weight!

37. What do pandas use to see in the dark? “Bamboo”-lar flashlights!

38. How do pandas celebrate their birthdays? With a “panda”-minimum party!

39. What’s a panda’s favorite ride at the amusement park? The “bamboo”-coaster!

40. Why did the panda visit the library every day? To “bamboo-st” their knowledge!

Best Panda jokes

Here are some Best Panda Jokes.

41. What do you call a panda who can do magic tricks? “Houdin-bear” the Great!

42. How do pandas always win hide-and-seek? They have great “bamboo vision”!

43. Why did the panda bring a ladder to the bar? They heard the drinks were on the “bamboo shelf”!

44. What do pandas do when they are sad? They eat a “bamboo-ver” of chocolate!

45. Why are pandas so good at archery? They have “bamboo bows”!

Panda Jokes

46. How do pandas solve problems? They “bamboo-t” their heads together!

47. What do pandas do after a long day? They “bamboo-gel” some funny videos!

48. Why did the panda start meditating? To achieve “inner bam-peace”!

49. How do pandas always look stylish? They have a “bamboo-tiful” fashion sense!

50. What’s a panda’s favorite board game? “Bamboo”-poly!

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