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50 Funny Pear Jokes

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Pear Jokes

Here is the collection of 50 Pear jokes.

1. Why did the pear refuse to play hide and seek? It was afraid of being “paired” with others!

2. What do you call a pear that’s been around the block? An “ex-pear” danced fruit!

3. Why was the pear a good friend? Because it knew how to “pair” up with anyone!

4. What do pears do when they’re feeling stressed? They take a “pear-enting” class!

5. How do you make a pear laugh? Tell it a “core”-no joke!

6. Why was the pear blushing? It saw the apple “peeling” its skin!

7. Why was the pear feeling lonely? It couldn’t find its “pear”-ent!

8. What’s a pear’s favorite song? “I Will Always Love Pears”!

9. Why did the pear go to school? It wanted to become a “pear”-biologist!

10. How do pears make decisions? They “weigh” their options!

Pear Jokes

11. What’s a pear’s favorite game? “Pear”-perspectives!

12. What do you call a pear that’s a real character? A “pear”-personality!

13. How do you know if a pear is telling a lie? It starts to “juice” its words!

14. Why did the pear turn red? It saw the orchard’s “juicy” gossip!

15. What’s a pear’s favorite exercise? Squats – they love working on their “pear” shape!

16. What did one pear say to the other during an argument? “Lettuce” be friends again!

17. What do you get when you cross a pear and a parrot? A “pair” -a rot that repeats itself!

18. Why did the pear go to the doctor? It was feeling a bit “poached”!

19. What’s a pear’s favorite dance move? The “twist” – it’s always “pear”-fect!

20. Why did the pear feel like a superstar? It was in the “spot” light!

21. How do pears celebrate Halloween? They dress up as “paranormal” entities!

22. What’s a pear’s favorite romantic gesture? A “smoothie” serenade!

23. Why did the Pear start a band? Because it wanted to be a “juicy” rock star!

24. What do you call a pear who’s a good listener? A “pear”-therapist!

25. Why was the pear worried about its looks? I thought it was getting a bit “wrinkled”!

26. What’s a pear’s favorite social media platform? Snap”pear”!

27. Why did the pear break up with the orange? It found a sweeter “fruit” elsewhere!

28. What’s a pear’s favorite type of joke? A “fruit” -ful one!

29. Why did the pear go to the gym? It wanted to get “pear” perfectly fit!

30. What did the grape say to the pear at the party? “You’re looking perfect tonight!”

Pear Jokes

31. How do pears stay up to date with the news? They read “pear”-periodicals!

32. What did one pear say to the other when he was feeling down? “Cheer up, we make a great ‘pear’!”

33. What’s a pear’s favorite subject in school? “Pear”-mathematics!

34. Why did the pear go on a date with a banana? Because it knew they’d make a “slip-pair-y” couple!

35. How do you comfort a sad pear? Give it a “pear” of your time!

36. What’s a pear’s favorite type of transportation? A “pear”-acute!

37. Why did the pear start a garden club? Because it had a “pear”-fect green thumb!

38. What do pears do for fun? They have “pear”-ties, of course!

39. Why did the pear apply for a job as a comedian? I heard it had a “pear”-less sense of humor!

40. What’s a pear’s favorite sport? “Pear”-core!

Best Pear Jokes

Here is our Best Pear Jokes Collection.

41. Why did the pear go to acting school? It wanted to improve its “pear”-performance!

42. What do pears wear to look fancy? A “pear” -s and tie!

43. Why did the pear go on a diet? It wanted to have a “pear”-perfect figure!

44. What do pears say when they’re surprised? “Well, I’ll be a ‘pear’ of surprises!”

45. Why did the pear become a detective? It had a knack for solving “pear”-placing cases!

Pear Jokes

46. What do pears sing in the shower? “Don’t Stop ‘Pear’-living!”

47. Why did the pear start a beauty pageant? It believed in celebrating “pear”-ty and grace!

48. What’s a pear’s favorite winter activity? “Pear”-skating!

49. Why did the pear break up with the pineapple? They couldn’t find common “core” interests!

50. What’s a pear’s favorite advice? “Stay ‘pear’-sistent and you’ll succeed!”

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