Penguin Jokes

50 Funny Penguin Jokes

Here are 50 Penguin Jokes and the Best Penguin Puns for Kids and Adults.

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Penguin Puns

Here are 50 Funny Penguin Jokes for you:

1. What did one penguin say to the other at the restaurant? “Can I have a quick squawk tail?”

2. Why don’t penguins like talking on the phone? They prefer to face the conversation.

3. What do you call a penguin in the desert? Lost!

4. Why don’t penguins like rock music? They prefer to listen to ice tunes.

5. What do you call a group of musical penguins? The South Pole Philharmonic!

6. Why did the penguin bring an umbrella to the zoo? In case of a drizzle of snow!

7. What do penguins wear on their heads? Ice caps!

8. How do penguins make decisions? They flipper coin!

9. What do you get when you cross a penguin and an octopus? Eight adorable arms to hug you!

10. Why do penguins always carry fish in their beaks? In case they get hungry on their commute!

11. What’s a penguin’s favorite relative? Aunt-Arctica!

12. What do you call a penguin with an easy-going attitude? Chill out, dude!

13. What happened to the penguin that swallowed an ice cube? It got cold feet!

14. Why don’t penguins like ballet? They prefer to dance on ice!

15. How do penguins make great comedians? They have excellent ice-breakers!

16. What did the penguin say when it got lost in the Antarctic? “Iced, Iced, Baby!”

17. Why don’t penguins like roller coasters? They can’t find a seatbelt that fits!

18. How do you become friends with a penguin? Just wing it!

19. What’s a penguin’s favorite breakfast? Ice Krispies!

20. What did the teacher penguin say to the class? “Freeze for the quiz, everyone!”

Penguin Jokes

21. Why did the penguin wear a backpack? It was going on a school snow trip!

22. How does a penguin build its house? Igloos it together!

23. What’s a penguin’s favorite game? Musical icebergs!

24. What’s a penguin’s favorite cold treat? Ice-scream!

25. Why don’t penguins like to fight? They’re afraid of getting sued by a law firm: Peng-Win!

26. What do you call a penguin with a large vocabulary? An articulate-tic-tic bird!

27. What’s a penguin’s favorite fast food? Fish and chips, of course!

28. What do you call a penguin who loves to dance? A waddle-dancer!

29. How do penguins celebrate their birthday? With a fish cake!

30. What did one penguin say to the other in a hurry? “Ice to meet you!”

Penguin Jokes

31. Why did the penguin cross the road? To get to the ice cream shop!

32. What do penguins say when they are introduced? “Waddle you do?”

33. What’s a penguin’s favorite vegetable? Iceberg lettuce!

34. How do penguins stay cool during summer? They chill out with their cool friends!

35. What do you call a penguin who loves to tell stories? A talented bird!

36. Why was the penguin always calm? It had an ice-cold demeanor!

37. What do you call a penguin detective? An in-vest-alligator!

38. How does a penguin go shopping? It slides into the store!

39. What did the penguin say to the iceberg? “You’ve cracked me up!”

40. What do you get when you cross a penguin and a snowman? Frostbite!

Best Penguin jokes

Here are some Best Penguin Jokes.

41. Why don’t penguins gamble? They’re afraid of losing their ice-cold cash!

42. How do penguins keep their suits wrinkle-free? They hang them on ice cycles!

43. What do you call a fashionable penguin? A tres-chic-oo!

44. Why was the penguin’s computer freezing? I forgot to wear a warm Windows coat!

45. How do penguins tidy up their homes? They use a broom made of icicles!

Penguin Jokes

46. What do you call a penguin that fixes things? MacGyver-Guin!

47. Why don’t penguins play cards in the wild? There are too many cheetahs!

48. What’s a penguin’s favorite dance move? The chilly cha-cha!

49. What did one penguin say to the other when it made a joke? “You crack me up!”

50. Why don’t penguins like riding bicycles? They’re afraid of getting stuck in a freeze-frame!

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