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50 Funny Simpsons Jokes

Here are 50 Funny Simpsons Jokes and the Best Simpsons Puns for Kids and Adults.

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Simpsons Jokes

Here are 50 jokes about the Simpsons :

1. Why did Bart Simpson bring a ladder to school? To go to a higher grade!

2. What did Marge Simpson say to Homer when he lost his doughnut? “D’oh-nut worry!”

3. Why did Milhouse become a gardener? He heard that a little “watering” can make things grow.

4. Why did Maggie Simpson get kicked out of daycare? She kept stealing pacifiers under everyone’s noses.

5. Why did Principal Skinner go to therapy? To finally understand why he can’t escape Bart’s pranks.

6. What’s Moe’s favorite type of music? Blues. After all, he’s used to dealing with Homer all day.

7. Why did Lisa Simpson become a mathematician? Because she knew how to solve “Homer-generous” equations.

8. Why did Mr. Burns start a yoga class? To learn how to “exhale” properly.

9. What did the donut say to Homer? “You complete me.”

10. Why did Ned Flanders start a pet shop? To sell “diddly-only” adorable puppies.

Simpsons jokes

11. How does Bart Simpson communicate with dolphins? He says, “Eat my shorts!” and hopes they understand.

12. Why did Krusty the Clown fail as a chef? Because he always added a little too much “slapstick” to his recipes.

13. Why did Smithers open a flower shop? Because he wanted to give Mr. Burns something other than a “rosy” outlook on life.

14. What’s Homer’s favorite instrument? The “duh-accordion,” of course!

15. Why did the Simpson family start a band? Because they heard it’s a great way to “cello” better life.

16. What did Maggie say when she was asked about her plans? “Suck-cessful world domination.”

17. Why did Bart become a gardener? He heard that plants respond well to a little “trouble-making.”

18. What’s Apu’s favorite type of comedy? “Quickie” stand-up!

19. Why did Moe start a dating service? To finally find someone who can tolerate his crankiness.

20. What did Ralph Wiggum say when asked about his IQ? “I ate it for breakfast!”

21. Why did Lisa Simpson become a weather forecaster? Because she wanted to predict the “saxophon-y” of each day’s forecast.

22. Why did Homer try skydiving? He heard there was free “d’oh-mile” delivery!

23. What’s Maggie’s favorite type of movie? “Bang! Bang!” action films.

24. Why did Mayor Quimby start a motivational speaking career? Because he’s a master at “eloquent-ions.”

25. What’s Moe’s favorite subject in school? “Whiskey” ology!

26. Why did Bart Simpson start a computer repair business? Because he knew how to “Ctrl” mischief.

27. What did Lisa say when she found out about the science fair? “It’s a proton-packed opportunity!”

28. Why did Marge become a detective? Because she’s an expert at “unraveling” family mysteries.

29. What did Homer say when he won a million dollars? “Woo-hoo… it’s all mine!”

30. Why did Groundskeeper Willie start a fashion line? He wanted everyone to have a “kilt-tactic” style.

Simpsons jokes

31. What’s Krusty’s favorite animal? “Krustaceans” – they’re always ready for a good laugh.

32. Why did Bart start a dog-walking business? Because he wanted to make sure dogs got their daily “release” of energy.

33. What did Nelson Muntz say when asked about his love life? “Ha-ha… love is for suckers!”

34. Why did Chief Wiggum become a lifeguard? He realized he was good at “catching” criminals.

35. What did Comic Book Guy say when he won the lottery? “Jackpot… of collectibles!”

36. Why did Sideshow Bob become a hairdresser? He wanted to give people a “cutting-edge” look.

37. What’s Abe Simpson’s favorite social media platform? “Insta-gramophone” – it’s vintage!

38. Why did Milhouse become a motivational speaker? Because he’s an expert at turning “can’t” into “cans.”

39. What did Homer say when asked about his workout routine? “I lift… my TV remote.”

40. Why did Ned Flanders start a detective agency? He wanted to solve “neighborly” mysteries.

Best Simpsons jokes

Here are some Best Simpsons Jokes.

41. What’s Mr. Burns’ favorite outdoor activity? “Sun-bathing” – he loves absorbing other people’s energy.

42. Why did Moe become a travel agent? He realized he could provide a “bar-fly” perspective on vacations.

43. What did Bart say when asked about his favorite subject? “Recess is my life, man.”

44. Why did Lisa become a life coach? Because she’s great at “Sax-on” guidance.

45. What’s Krusty’s favorite way to relax? Watching “klown-template” movies.

Simpsons jokes

46. Why did Sideshow Bob become a motivational speaker? He knew how to step over life’s “rake” challenges.

47. What did Comic Book Guy say when he discovered a new comic series? “The rarest gem of them all… issue one!”

48. Why did Principal Skinner start a cooking show? He wanted to teach people the art of “suspension” – soufflés, that is.

49. What’s Patty and Selma’s favorite type of exercise? “Inhale… exhale… cigarette lifting!”

50. Why did Homer become a travel blogger? To chronicle his “d’oh-excursions” around the world.

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