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50 Funny Singing Jokes

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Singing Jokes

Here are 50 jokes about Singing.

1. Why did the singer go to jail? Because they had too many “bass”-ic instincts!

2. I used to be a terrible singer, but then I found my “pitch” -er perfect voice.

3. What do you call a singing computer? A Dell-rightful serenade!

4. Why was the music teacher always calm? Because they knew how to “scale” down their stress.

5. What’s a skeleton’s favorite instrument? The “trombone”!

6. Why did the singer bring a ladder on stage? To reach the “high notes”!

7. Did you hear about the opera singer who locked themselves out? They had to break a “window” to get in!

8. Why did the choir break up? They couldn’t find their “harmony” anymore.

9. What do you call a group of musical whales? An “orca-star”!

10. Why did the pop star bring a ladder to the concert? Because they wanted to “rise” to the occasion!

11. What’s a cat’s favorite song? “Three Blind Mice,” of course!

12. Why did the singing cow get an award? Because it had the “moo-sic” in its heart!

13. How do you organize a space-themed choir? You are “planet”!

14. Why did the vegetable become a singer? Because it found its “beet”!

15. What’s a frog’s favorite musical genre? “Hip-hop”!

Singing Jokes

16. Why did the singer go to the bank? To get their “notes” checked!

17. What do you call a bear who can sing and play guitar? A “bear-ton”!

18. Why did the choir conductor go to jail? They were caught in a “chord” of corruption.

19. What do you get when you cross a singing bird and a computer? A “tweet” -er!

20. Why don’t skeletons make good singers? Because they have no “body” to resonate!

21. What’s a dog’s favorite musical instrument? The “pooch”!

22. Why was the music teacher always positive? Because they knew how to “harmonize” with life!

23. What’s a ghost’s favorite song? “Soul” music, of course!

24. Why did the tomato turn red during the concert? Because it saw the “ketchup” with the rhythm!

25. Why did the singer go to the dentist? To get their “vocal cords” checked!

26. What do you call a singing fish? A “tuna”!

27. Why did the scarecrow become a singer? It had a “crow”-d-pleasing voice!

28. Why was the musical note always confident? Because it knew its “key” role!

29. What do you call a singing plant? Elvis “Parsley”!

30. Why did the singer apply for a job at the bakery? They wanted to make “rolls” in the music industry!

Singing Jokes

31. What’s a vampire’s favorite song? “Bloody” Mary had a little lamb!

32. Why did the cell phone take singing lessons? To improve its “bars”!

33. What do you call a pig that knows how to sing? A “ham-ionizer”!

34. Why did the pencil start singing? It wanted to “write” a catchy tune!

35. What do you call a group of musical insects? An “orchid” of bugs!

36. Why did the baseball player become a singer? He could “strike” the right notes!

37. What’s a mathematician’s favorite song? “Al-ge-bra-cadabra”!

38. Why did the singer refuse to perform in the rain? They didn’t want to catch a “cold”!

39. What’s a bee’s favorite music genre? “Bee-bop”!

40. Why was the astronaut singing in space? Because they were “star-struck”!

Best Singing Puns

Here are some Best Singing Puns.

41. What do you call a train that can sing? A “choo-choo”-ner!

42. Why was the tomato blushing during the singing competition? It saw the “hot peppers” in the audience!

43. What’s a fish’s favorite song? Anything that’s “catchy”!

44. Why did the athlete become a singer? They knew how to “run” the show!

45. What do you call a musical snowman? A “furious” singer!

Singing Jokes

46. Why did the musician go to school? To “note” down all the important information!

47. What’s a bear’s favorite karaoke song? “I Want to Hold Your “Paw”!

48. Why was the computer cold during the performance? It left its “Windows” open!

49. What do you call a singing insect? A “hum-ming” bug!

50. Why did the ghost join the choir? Because they had a hauntingly beautiful “voice”!

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