Star Trek Jokes

50 Funny Star Trek Jokes

Here are 50 Funny Star Trek Jokes and the Best Star Trek Puns for Kids and Adults.

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Star Trek Jokes

Here are 50 jokes about Star Trek.

1. Why did the Klingon refuse to play cards with the crew? Because he heard they were always up to some “card-assign” activities!

2. How does a Vulcan clean his computer screen? He uses “Spock and span”!

3. Why don’t Starfleet officers ever get lost? Because they always “Data” their coordinates!

4. What did Captain Picard say when he finished his tea? “Earl Grey, hot, and steeped to perfection. Make it so!”

5. Why did the Romulan enroll in cooking school? He wanted to learn how to make “war bread”!

6. How do you organize a space party? You are “planet”!

7. What’s Worf’s favorite genre of music? Heavy “Klingon”!

8. Why did the holodeck malfunction? Because it couldn’t handle “reality”!

9. How does a Starfleet officer stay warm in space? He stands near a “Warp” core!

10. Why did the Borg go to therapy? Because they had too many “resistance” issues!

Star Trek Jokes

11. What’s a Ferengi’s favorite dessert? “Profit-erole”!

12. Why was the computer cold? Because it left its “Windows” open in space!

13. What’s a Cardassian’s favorite game? “Gul”f!

14. How do you calm down an angry Andorian? You give him some “coolant”!

15. Why was the Klingon chef bad at baking? Because he could never get the “dough’k’tah” right!

16. Why did the Vulcan refuse to play hide and seek? Because he thought it was illogical to hide when you can be “Spock’n”!

17. How do you know if a Trill is lying? When their story starts to have “too many hosts”!

18. Why don’t Starfleet officers ever get locked out of their ships? Because they always “Khan” open a comm!

19. What’s Bajoran’s favorite breakfast? “Orb”-cakes!

20. How do you organize a space race? You “set phasers to run”!

21. Why did the Tribble apply for a job? Because it wanted to “fur”-ther its career!

22. What’s a Klingon’s favorite game console? The “PlaySto-vo-kor”!

23. Why did the Starfleet officer bring a ladder to the Enterprise? Because he heard the ship had a “high” command!

24. How do you throw a surprise party on the Enterprise? You “beam” everyone into the holodeck!

25. Why did the Romulans go to school? To learn how to “cloak” his real intentions!

26. What do you call a Vulcan musician? A “rock”!

27. How did the Vulcan get in trouble at school? He couldn’t stop “raising an eyebrow” at the teacher!

28. What’s a Cardassian’s favorite dance move? The “Garak-twerk”!

29. Why did the Andorian bring a pillow to the negotiation? He wanted to have a “soft” stance!

30. What’s a Ferengi’s favorite song? “Gold-pressed Latinum Digger”!

Star Trek Jokes

31. How do you fix a broken holodeck? You “Q” the repairman!

32. Why did the Bajoran go to the art gallery? To find some “Inspiron”!

33. What’s a Klingon’s favorite exercise? “Bat’leth” curls!

34. Why did the Borg start a gardening club? They wanted to “assimilate” all the knowledge about plants!

35. What do you call a malfunctioning replicator? A “copycat”!

36. How does a Klingon apologize? He says, “I’m sorry, but your honor has been restored!”

37. Why did the Ferengi invest in a bakery? Because he knew it was a “dough”-dominant market!

38. What’s a Romulan’s favorite game show? “Deal or No “Deal’!

39. How does a Starfleet officer get a haircut? He goes to the “trim line”!

40. Why did the Vulcan refuse to play musical chairs? Because it was “illogical” to get emotional about a seat!

Best Star Trek jokes

Here are some Best Star Trek Jokes.

41. What’s a Cardassian’s favorite kind of joke? A “torture”-d pun!

42. How did the Borg feel after a software update? They were “assimilated” with the changes!

43. Why did the Klingon bring a ladder to the battle? He heard the enemy ship had a “high” command bridge!

44. What do you call a malfunctioning transporter? A “tele-fail-station”!

45. Why did the Romulan join a gym? To work on his “cloaking” muscles!

Star Trek Jokes

46. How does a Ferengi sell a starship? He offers a “profit-sharing” deal!

47. Why was the Starfleet officer bad at poker? Because he couldn’t “warp” his mind around bluffing!

48. What’s a Klingon’s favorite type of book? Anything with “blood” chapters!

49. Why did the Vulcan refuse to eat his vegetables? He thought it was “highly illogical” to consume plants!

50. What’s a Borg’s favorite game to play at parties? “Assimilation” charades!

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