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50 Funny Straw Jokes

Here are 50 Funny Straw Jokes and the Best Straw Puns for Kids and Adults.

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Straw Jokes

Here are 50 jokes about Straw :

1. Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field!

2. How do you make a straw sound like a trumpet? You give it some “a-straw-nominal” talent!

3. What do you call a straw that tells jokes? A “sip” of humor!

4. Why did the straw bring a broom to the party? Because it wanted to sweep everyone off their feet!

5. Why was the straw so good at school? Because it always aced the “sipping” test!

6. What’s a straw’s favorite kind of music? Hip-hop, because it loves to “sip” along!

7. Why did the straw break up with the spoon? It couldn’t handle the stirring drama!

8. How does a straw stay in shape? It goes to the “gym-nasip-um” regularly!

9. What do you call a straw that’s always running late? A “tardy-tube”!

10. Why did the scarecrow use a straw for a brain transplant? Because he wanted to be a “straw-tiling” genius!

Straw Jokes

11. What did the straw say to the juice box? “You’re my crush, let’s get together and make some sippin’ magic!”

12. Why did the straw get a promotion? Because it could “suck up” to the boss!

13. What did one straw say to the other straw? “I’ll always be by your side, even if we’re sippin’ far apart!”

14. How do you organize a space party? You “straw-tell” everyone to bring their intergalactic sippers!

15. Why did the straw get in trouble at school? It was caught “sucking up” to the teacher’s pet!

16. What’s a straw’s favorite type of movie? Anything with “sippy” romance and a twisty plot!

17. How does a straw express love? It says, “You’re the juice to my sip, the carbonation to my pop!”

18. What did the straw say to the soda can? “You’re so fizzy, you make my heart skip a sip!”

19. Why did the straw apply for a job at the bakery? It wanted to be a “roll” model!

20. How did the straw react when it heard a corny joke? It gave a hearty “slurp” of laughter!

21. What’s a straw’s favorite game? Spin the “bottle cap”!

22. Why did the straw wear sunglasses? To keep out the bright “sunset”!

23. How do you make straw gold? You take it to the “sipping” mine!

24. What did the straw say to the blender? “Mix with caution, I’m delicate!”

25. Why did the straw become a detective? It was great at finding “sippin’ evidence”!

26. How do straws greet each other? “Hey, long time no sip!”

27. What did the straw say to the glass of water? “I’m drawn to you!”

28. Why did the straw go to therapy? It had trouble “sucking up” its emotions!

29. What did the straw do after a tough day? It went to the “sip-and-relax” spa!

30. Why did the straw get kicked out of the library? It kept “sipping” into conversations!

Straw Jokes

31. How does a straw respond to compliments? It says, “You’re sippin’ me up!”

32. Why did the straw apply for a job at the music store? It wanted to be a “tune-sip” artist!

33. What did the straw say to the lemonade? “You’re my best friend!”

34. Why did the straw go to school early? To make sure it got a front-row “sipping” seat!

35. What’s a straw’s favorite dance? The “twist and sip”!

36. Why did the straw get a passport? It wanted to go on a “sip-around-the-world” adventure!

37. How does a straw apologize? It says, “I’m sorry if I sucked at that!”

38. What do you call a straw with a cold? A “sniff-straw”!

39. Why did the straw get a phone? To keep in touch with its “sip-stars”!

40. How do straws celebrate birthdays? With a big “sippin’ hooray”!

Best Straw jokes

Here are some Best Straw Jokes.

41. What’s a straw’s favorite magic trick? The “disappearing sip”!

42. Why did the straw call the doctor? It felt a little “under the sips”!

43. What did the straw say to the hat? “You’ve got style, let’s sip in sync!”

44. Why did the straw go to the beach? To work on its “sandy sips”!

45. How does a straw listen to music? It “sips” into the rhythm!

Straw Jokes

46. What’s a straw’s favorite sport? “Sip and slide”!

47. Why did the straw get a social media account? It wanted to have a “sippin’ good” online presence!

48. What did the straw say to the milkshake? “You bring all the sippers to the yard!”

49. How does a straw make decisions? It goes with its “gut sip”!

50. Why did the straw enroll in cooking classes? To become a “stirring sip-chef”!

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