Viking Jokes

50 Funny Viking Jokes

Here are 50 Funny Viking Jokes and the Best Viking Puns for Kids and Adults.

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Viking Jokes

Here are 50 jokes about Vikings:

1. Why did the Vikings bring a ladder to the bar? He heard the drinks were in the house!

2. How do Vikings send secret messages? By Norse code!

3. Why did the Vikings go to school? To improve his “understanding”!

4. What do you call a Viking who can navigate a ship, tell great stories, and bake delicious bread? A “yeasty” sailor!

5. Why did the Vikings refuse to fight in battle? He didn’t want to “axe” for trouble!

6. How did the Viking communicate with his pet dragon? Through “scaly-mail”!

7. What’s a Viking’s favorite instrument? A “sword” piano!

8. Why don’t Vikings tell secrets on the ship? Because they have too many “leaks”!

9. How did the Viking propose to his girlfriend? He gave her a “ring” made of plundered gold!

10. Why did the Vikings start a gardening business? He had a talent for “raiding” and cultivating!

Viking Jokes

11. What’s a Viking’s favorite type of sandwich? A “Sword”  which!

12. Why did the Vikings wear a helmet at the dinner table? He was afraid of food fights turning into battles!

13. How do Vikings like to relax? By “fjord” rivers and “axing” questions!

14. What did the Vikings say to their friend after a successful raid? “That was an excellent adventure!”

15. Why did the Vikings go to therapy? He had too many “berserker” moments!

16. What’s a Viking’s favorite type of movie? A “sword-and-sorcery” film!

17. How do Vikings stay organized? They use “raid-ers” and “plunder” lists!

18. Why did the Vikings bring a map to the party? He didn’t want to get lost in “vale-halla”!

19. What do you call a Viking who’s always getting lost? A “wanderer”!

20. Why did the Vikings get a job as a baker? He kneaded the dough to work on his “thor-case” routine!

21. How do Vikings stay cool in the summer? They wear “fjord-able” clothing!

22. Why did the Vikings become an artist? He wanted to “draw” his sword in more ways than one!

23. What’s a Viking’s favorite type of dance? The “axe-tion” dance!

24. Why did the Viking captain allow chickens on the ship? He wanted to have a “fowl” play!

25. How do Vikings make important decisions? They “Odin” it through!

26. Why don’t Vikings play hide and seek? Because good luck hiding with all those horns on your helmet!

27. What’s a Viking’s favorite candy? “Thor-bursts”!

28. Why did the Vikings bring a ladder to battle? He wanted to “conquer” new heights!

29. How do Vikings always manage to find their way? They have a great “sense of fjord-direction”!

30. What do you call a Viking who can juggle flaming swords? A “flame-thrower”!

Viking Jokes

31. Why don’t Vikings ever get sick? They have a strong “Viking” system!

32. How do Vikings make phone calls? They use “Norse code”!

33. Why did the Vikings refuse to play cards with the knights? He was worried they’d “cheat hall”!

34. What’s a Viking’s favorite game? “Pillage-ago”!

35. How do Vikings keep their helmets shiny? They use “horn polish”!

36. Why did the Vikings become a gardener? He had a natural talent for “loot custody”!

37. How do Vikings practice archery? They aim for the “Odin”!

38. What’s a Viking’s favorite ice cream flavor? “Thor-berry”!

39. Why did the Vikings start a cleaning business? He had a passion for “sweeping” conquests!

40. How do Vikings get their hair so braided and stylish? They use “raid-y” hair products!

Best Viking jokes

Here are some Best Viking Jokes.

41. Why did the Vikings get kicked out of the orchestra? He couldn’t stop “plundering” the violin!

42. What’s a Viking’s favorite social media platform? “Fjordbook”!

43. How did the Vikings get his ship to smell good? He used “Viking” air fresheners!

44. Why did the Vikings visit the dentist? He had a “ravaging” toothache!

45. What’s a Viking’s favorite computer program? “Excel-saga”!

Viking Jokes

46. How do Vikings manage their finances? They practice “plunder accounting”!

47. Why did the Vikings become a teacher? He wanted to educate the young “raiders”!

48. What’s a Viking’s favorite superhero? “Thor-man”!

49. Why did the Vikings bring a parachute to battle? Just in case he needed to “raid” from above!

50. How do Vikings always win at hide and seek? They have the best “disguise-guise” strategies!

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