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50 Funny Wall Jokes

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Wall Jokes

Here are 50 jokes about Wall.

1. Why did the scarecrow blush? Because it saw the wall’s new wallpaper!

2. I used to be a wall, but I got tired of just hanging around.

3. What do you call a talking wall? A “dry wit” wall!

4. Did you hear about the wall that won the lottery? It was a million bricks richer!

5. Why did the wall apply for a job? It wanted to support its mortar education!

6. Why was the wall feeling frustrated? It couldn’t find its missing bricks!

7. What do you call a friendly wall? A “wall-mate”!

8. Why don’t walls ever tell secrets? Because they have too many ears!

9. Why did the wall go to therapy? It had too many emotional barriers.

10. Why did the wall go to school? To get a little plastered!

Wall Jokes 

11. How do you make a wall laugh? Tell it a “cracking” joke!

12. Why was the Wall always invited to parties? It had great “support”!

13. What’s a wall’s favorite dessert? Wall-nut pie!

14. Why did the wall break up with the ceiling? It couldn’t handle the high expectations!

15. What did one wall say to the other during an argument? “I’m tired of your brick-brained ideas!”

16. Why did the Wall become an artist? It wanted to express itself brick by brick!

17. Why did the wall feel left out? It thought everyone else had a better “structure” in life.

18. What’s a wall’s favorite music genre? Rock and plaster!

19. Why did the wall bring a ladder to the party? I heard the drinks were in the house!

20. What do you call a wall with a great sense of humor? Hilarious plastered surface!

21. Why was the wall embarrassed at the art gallery? It saw its own “cracked” portrait!

22. What’s a wall’s favorite TV show? “Game of Stones”!

23. Why did the wall go on a diet? It wanted to shed some excess “weight”!

24. What’s a wall’s favorite sport? Volley-brick!

25. Why did the wall start a band? It wanted to hit the “wall of sound”!

26. Why did the Wall start a social media account? It wanted to connect with its “followers”!

27. What’s a wall’s favorite exercise? Wall-ups!

28. Why did the wall go to the doctor? It had a case of “drywall” throat!

29. What’s a wall’s favorite dance move? The “brick shuffle”!

30. Why did the wall go to the beach? I wanted to see the “surf-ace”!

Wall Jokes 

31. What’s a wall’s favorite type of joke? One with a “brick” punchline!

32. Why did the Wall enroll in a cooking class? It wanted to learn how to make a solid foundation for flavor!

33. What’s a wall’s favorite movie genre? Historical brick-tion!

34. Why did the wall bring a suitcase to the party? I heard it was going to be a “packed” event!

35. What did one wall say to the other wall at the gym? “Let’s work on our core-ner strength!”

36. Why did the Wall get a job as a lawyer? It was excellent at building strong arguments!

37. What’s a wall’s favorite winter activity? Ice block skating!

38. Why did the wall go to the spa? It wanted to relax its “tense” bricks!

39. What did one wall say to the other during a workout? “Don’t worry, we’ll be ‘wall’ defined soon!”

40. Why did the wall go to the music concert? It wanted to feel the vibrations in its bricks!

Best Wall jokes

Here are some Best Wall Jokes.

41. What’s a wall’s favorite board game? Jenga, because it’s all about balance!

42. Why did the wall go to the library? It wanted to brush up on its “support” knowledge!

43. What’s a wall’s favorite holiday? Halloween, because it gets to show off its “haunting” side!

44. Why did the wall start a garden? It wanted to see its flowers “blossom” against its surface!

45. What’s a wall’s favorite pickup line? “Are you a brick? Because you’ve built a solid place in my heart!”

Wall Jokes 

46. Why did the wall join a dance competition? I heard it had great “step” potential!

47. What’s a wall’s favorite type of story? One with a strong “foundation”!

48. Why did the wall go to the therapist? It had issues with “attachment”!

49. What did the wall say to the ceiling? “I’ve got you covered!”

50. Why did the wall feel so secure? Because it had a strong “relationship” with its bricks!

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