Wind Jokes

50 Funny Wind Jokes

Here are 50 Funny Wind Jokes and the Best Wind Puns for Kids and Adults.

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Wind Jokes

Here are 50 jokes about Wind.

1. Why did the scarecrow break up with the wind? It blew too hot and cold.

2. I’m friends with the wind, but it’s always so full of itself – it can’t stop talking about how breezy it is.

3. What’s a tornado’s favorite game? Twister – it’s all about the wind and spinning!

4. Wind, do you even lift? Because you’re always pushing me around!

5. Why was the weather vane friends with the wind? Because they both knew which way the friendship was blowing!

6. I tried to tell a joke about wind, but it just went right over everyone’s heads.

7. Why did the sun offer the wind a job? Because it’s great at blowing hot air!

8. What’s a wind’s favorite kind of music? Anything with a lot of “air” guitar solos!

9. How does the wind make decisions? It goes with the flow!

10. Why don’t scientists trust the wind? Because it’s always full of hot air and blowing things out of proportion!

11. What did one wind turbine say to the other? “I’m spinning for you!”

12. Why did the tree start singing to the wind? Because it wanted to branch out into the music industry!

13. Why was the wind in therapy? It had too many emotional gusts.

14. Did you hear about the love triangle between the wind, the sun, and the rain? It was a stormy affair!

15. What did one leaf say to the other during a windy day? “Hang on tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!”

 Wind Jokes

16. Why did the bicycle fall over during the windstorm? It couldn’t handle the pressure!

17. Why did the wind go to school? To get a little “air” education!

18. Why did the wind blush? Because it saw the leaves changing color!

19. How do you make a tissue dance? You put a little boogie in it and let the wind take care of the rest!

20. What do you call a tornado that loves to read? A “twister” of words and pages!

21. Why did the wind take a vacation? It needed to blow off some steam!

22. Why was the wind a terrible secret keeper? Because it couldn’t help but whisper everything it knew!

23. What did the wind say to the kite? “You lift me!”

24. Why did the wind start a band? Because it had an amazing ability to carry a tune!

25. What’s a wind’s favorite kind of comedy? Anything that’s “punny” and blows you away with laughter!

26. Why did the weather report avoid the wind? It couldn’t predict its next move!

27. What did the ocean say to the wind? “Stop making waves!”

28. Why did the wind get in trouble at school? Because it always disrupted the class!

29. How does the wind stay cool in the summer? It hangs out in the shade!

30. What’s the wind’s favorite dance move? The twirl and whirl!

 Wind Jokes

31. Why did the Wind apply for a job as a chef? Because it’s great at whipping up a storm in the kitchen!

32. What do you call wind that’s into fitness? A “gust” of motivation!

33. How do wind friends greet each other? “Long time no breeze!”

34. Why did the wind apologize? I didn’t mean to blow things out of proportion.

35. What did the wind say to the storm? “You’ve got some serious issues, but I’ve got your back!”

36. Why was the wind always invited to parties? Because it knew how to get everyone in the mood to dance!

37. How does the wind stay in shape? It does a lot of air-obic exercises!

38. Why did the wind break up with the fog? They couldn’t see a future together.

39. What’s the wind’s favorite game? Blow and seek!

40. Why was the wind jealous of the sun? Because the sun was always stealing the spotlight!

Best Wind Puns

Here are some Best Wind Puns.

41. What did the wind say to the garden? “Lettuce be friends and grow together!”

42. Why did the wind get kicked out of the library? Because it kept making the pages turn!

43. Why did the wind go to the doctor? It was feeling a bit under the weather.

44. What’s a wind’s favorite kind of literature? Anything with a lot of twists and turns!

45. Why did the wind go to the movie theater alone? Because it likes to sit in the corner and blow through the previews!

 Wind Jokes

46. What did the wind say to the sand? “I’m just passing through!”

47. Why did the wind visit the psychologist? It needed help managing its mood swings.

48. What did the wind say to the sunblock? “You can’t stop me from making things windy!”

49. Why did the wind stay home from the party? It didn’t want to mess up its hairdo!

50. Why did the wind start a blog? Because it had so many drafts to air out!

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