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50 Funny Yoda Jokes

Here are 50 Funny Yoda Jokes and the Best Yoda Puns for Kids and Adults.

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Yoda Jokes

Here are 50 jokes about Yoda :

1. Why did Yoda bring a ladder to the bar? Because he heard the drinks were on the house!

2. Yoda’s favorite toy as a child? A play on words, it was.

3. What did Yoda say when he saw himself in 3D? “A surprise, this is!”

4. Yoda’s preferred vacation spot? Dagobah, it’s a little swampy but great for relaxation it is!

5. Why did Yoda go to therapy? To cope with his attachment issues, he did.

6. How do you make Yoda laugh? Tell him a “forbidden, this joke is.”

7. Yoda’s secret to making great coffee? Use the Force, he does.

8. Why did Yoda become an artist? To find the “canvas” of his soul, he did.

9. What did Yoda say when he found a penny on the ground? “Lucky, I am!”

10. Yoda’s preferred workout? Yoga, it is. Stretch and meditate, he must.

Yoda Jokes

11. Why was Yoda bad at hide and seek? Because a master of disguise, he is not.

12. What do you call a singing Yoda? Yoda Idol, he is.

13. Yoda’s favorite type of music? Heavy Metal, it is. Mm, headbang, he must.

14. Why did Yoda cross the road? To get to the dark side, he did not!

15. What’s Yoda’s favorite dessert? Mmm, Yodalicious it is!

16. Yoda’s advice for buying a house? “Location, location, location, matters it does.”

17. Why did Yoda bring a backpack to the desert? To pack sandwiches, he did.

18. What’s Yoda’s favorite exercise at the gym? The “Lift, you must” workout.

19. Yoda’s reaction to a joke? “Laugh, I did. Funny, you are.”

20. Why did Yoda go to the bank? To see his balance, he wanted.

21. Yoda’s favorite gardening tool? The “Forced” trimmer, he uses.

22. What’s Yoda’s favorite game? “Hide and Sith,” he enjoys.

23. Why did Yoda get a computer? To find the best “web” connections, he did.

24. What do you call Yoda when he loses weight? Lighter, he is.

25. Yoda’s cooking tip? “Size matters not. Flavor, it does.”

26. Why did Yoda get a job at the bakery? To learn the way of the “dough,” he wanted.

27. Yoda’s favorite dance move? The “Jedi Jig,” he grooves with.

28. What’s Yoda’s favorite part of a joke? The “punchline,” he loves.

29. Why did Yoda go to the seashore? To see the “sea” and be calm, he did.

30. Yoda’s advice for studying? “Focus on the material, you must.”

Yoda Jokes

31. What’s Yoda’s favorite smartphone game? “Angry Padawans,” he plays.

32. Why did Yoda get a pet? To have a “furry” friend, he desired.

33. Yoda’s favorite movie? “Star Wars” of course, mmm.

34. What do you call Yoda when he’s cold? Brrr, Yoda he is.

35. Yoda’s favorite ice cream flavor? Mmm, chocolate mint it is!

36. Why did Yoda join a band? To play the “Yoda-ly” in tune.

37. Yoda’s favorite planet? Earth, full of “younglings” it is.

38. What’s Yoda’s favorite car brand? “Toyota,” reliable it is.

39. Yoda’s advice for chefs? “Cook with heart, you must.”

40. Why did Yoda go to the gym? To lift the “weights” of destiny.

Best Yoda jokes

Here are some Best Yoda Jokes.

41. Yoda’s favorite day of the week? “Fri-yoda,” it is.

42. What do you call Yoda when he’s late? Slow, he is not. Delayed, he is.

43. Yoda’s favorite type of joke? “Punny” ones, he enjoys.

44. Why did Yoda start a YouTube channel? To share “wisdom bytes,” he did.

45. Yoda’s preferred weather? Cloudy with a “chance” of humor.

Yoda Jokes

46. What’s Yoda’s favorite exercise in the pool? The “swim, you must” stroke.

47. Why did Yoda become a gardener? To help plants “grow, they will.”

48. Yoda’s favorite book? “The Force of Nature,” it is.

49. What do you call Yoda when he’s excited? A “hyper” space.

50. Yoda’s favorite bedtime story? “Sleep, You Must” – a classic tale.

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