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50 Funny Mario Jokes

Here are 50 Funny Mario Jokes and the Best Mario Puns for Kids and Adults.

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Mario Jokes

Here are 50 jokes about Mario.

1. Why did Mario go to art school? To learn how to draw more than just coins!

2. Why did Mario eat the mushroom? Because he was a fungi!

3. What’s Mario’s favorite type of music? R&B (Retro and Blocks)!

4. Why did Luigi bring a ladder to the castle? He heard the princess was stuck on the second floor!

5. What do you call a scared mushroom? Fungi in distress!

6. Why did Mario bring a broom to the game? He wanted to sweep the competition!

7. Why did Mario become an astronaut? He wanted to visit the “Star World”!

8. How does Mario stay in shape? He jumps to conclusions!

9. What’s Mario’s favorite clothing brand? Gucci (Goomba-chi)!

10. What did Mario say when he broke up with Princess Peach? “It’s not you, it’s-a me, Mario!”

11. Why did Toad sit in the corner? He’s a fungus and wanted to grow on his own!

12. Why did Mario go to therapy? Because he had too many “Goomba” issues!

13. What’s Bowser’s favorite type of math? Koopa-lation!

14. Why did Bowser go to therapy? He had a “shell-f” of problems!

15. How does Mario talk to fish? He uses a Marionette!

Mario Jokes

16. Why did Mario eat coins? He wanted to see if money grows on blocks!

17. What’s Mario’s favorite type of sandwich? Sub-con!

18. Why did Mario start a gardening business? He has a green thumb in the Mushroom Kingdom!

19. How does Mario communicate with ghosts? He uses a Luigi board!

20. What did Toad say to the bartender? “I’ll have a mushroom on the rocks, please!”

21. Why did Yoshi go to therapy? He had too many “egg-citing” traumas!

22. How does Mario stay warm in the winter? He gets close to a “Fire Flower”!

23. What’s Bowser’s favorite dessert? Peach cobbler!

24. Why did Mario get a ticket? He was caught speeding on Rainbow Road!

25. How does Mario get his exercise? He does “Super Mario sets”!

26. Why did Princess Peach get a smartphone? To stay in touch with her “contacts”!

27. What’s Bowser’s favorite place to relax? His “lava”-seat!

28. Why did Mario go to cooking school? He wanted to learn how to make the perfect “power-up” stew!

29. What’s Luigi’s favorite season? “Fall” because of all the leaves he can jump on!

30. Why did Mario start a band? He wanted to play “Super Maracas”!

Mario Jokes

31. What’s Bowser’s favorite movie genre? “Koopa”-dras!

32. Why did Mario bring a dictionary to the castle? To define his “adventure”!

33. What’s Toad’s favorite part of a joke? The “punch”-line!

34. Why did Luigi go to the bank? He wanted to check his “coin”-edition!

35. How does Bowser like his steak cooked? “Well done” with a side of a princess!

36. Why did Mario become an actor? He wanted to be in the “spotlight”!

37. What’s Yoshi’s favorite game console? The “Egg”-box!

38. Why did Princess Peach start a gardening club? She loves her “flower” subjects!

39. What does Bowser say after a bad joke? “Turtle-y” is unacceptable!

40. Why did Mario bring a chair to the castle? He wanted to sit through the “plot”!

Best Mario jokes

Here are some Best Mario Jokes.

41. What’s Luigi’s favorite type of coffee? “Latte”-bro!

42. Why did Toad take an umbrella to the desert? He heard it’s a “Dry Bones” zone!

43. How does Mario stay calm during tough times? He practices “Zen-ji” meditation!

44. Why did Bowser get a job at the bakery? He wanted to make “Koopa cakes”!

45. What’s Peach’s favorite type of music? “Rap”-turous symphonies!

Mario Jokes

46. Why did Mario start a dog-walking business? He’s great at handling “chain chomps”!

47. What’s Toad’s favorite magic trick? “Mushroom”-levitation!

48. Why did Luigi go to dance class? He wanted to learn the “boogie”!

49. How does Mario stay cool in the summer? He wears his “Tanooki-tini”!

50. Why did Bowser go to the gym? He wanted to improve his “shell-f” image!

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