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60 Funny Bat Jokes

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Bat Puns

Here are 60 Funny Bat Jokes for you:

1. What do bats do before going to bed? They hit the hay.

2. Why did the bat join the baseball team? It was a great batter!

3. What’s a bat’s favorite type of music? Rap!

4. How do bats tell the future? They read their horror scope!

5. What’s a bat’s favorite dessert? Fruit bats love fruit salad!

6. Why did the bat go to school? To improve its flying skills!

7. How do you catch a bat? Hang upside down and wait for it to come to you!

8. What do you get when you cross a bat and a vampire? A blood-sucker with wings!

9. Why don’t bats like rain? It dampens their spirits!

10. How do bats fly without bumping into things? They use their bat sonar!

11. What’s a bat’s favorite superhero? Batman, of course!

12. Why did the bat invite its friends to the party? It didn’t want to be a lone bat!

13. How do bats send messages? By better email!

14. Why are bats such good comedians? They have a great sense of bat humor!

15. What’s a bat’s favorite sport? Bat-minton!

16. How do bats talk to each other? They batter away at bat-chat!

17. Why did the bat go to school? To learn how to spell “eek”!

18. What do you get when you cross a bat and a kangaroo? A creature that can fly-hop!

19. Why did the bat start a band? It wanted to become a music bat star!

20. How do you make a bat stop biting? Offer it a bat-aide!

Bat Jokes

21. What do you call a bat that can’t stop telling jokes? A comedy batter!

22. Why was the bat so good at baseball? It had a fantastic batting average!

23. What did one bat say to the other at dinner? “Can you pass the vampasta sauce?”

24. Why do bats make great detectives? They’re experts at finding bat clues!

25. What’s a bat’s favorite place in the house? The bat-tub, of course!

26. Why don’t bats get lost? They always have a bat map!

27. What’s a bat’s favorite movie? “The Dark Knight Rises”!

28. How do bats stay fit? They do a lot of bat exercises!

29. What do you call a bat that likes to stay up late? A nighthawk bat!

30. Why did the bat go to the beach? It wanted to catch some bat rays!

31. What’s a bat’s favorite subject in school? Flying lessons!

32. Why do bats never get angry? They prefer to stay bat-mellow!

33. What do bats use to call their friends? Cell-bat-phones!

34. What do you get when you cross a bat and a clown? A jokester with wings!

35. Why don’t bats play poker? Too many bat-odds!

36. What do bats do when they’re scared? They go “Eek, eek, eek”!

37. Why did the bat go to the party? I heard it was going to be a real wing-ding!

38. How do bats tell time? They use a battery-powered clock!

39. What’s a bat’s favorite type of art? Bat-picture!

40. Why don’t bats like to lend money? They’re afraid of going bat-rupt!

Bat Jokes

41. How do bats fly so fast? They use batteries!

42. What do bats do when they’re sad? They bat-cry!

43. Why was the bat such a good storyteller? It had a great imagination and bat talent!

44. What do you call a bat with a long tongue? A sucker-punch!

45. Why did the bat get a job at the restaurant? It wanted to be a bat-tender!

46. How do bats listen to music? On their batteries!

47. What’s a bat’s favorite game? Bat-mitzvah!

48. Why did the bat start a band? It had a lot of bat altitude!

49. How do bats celebrate Halloween? They go trick-or-bat-ing!

50. What’s a bat’s favorite board game? Monobatly!

Best Bat jokes

Here are some Best Bat Jokes.

51. Why don’t bats play hide-and-seek? They’re too good at bat-hiding!

52. How do bats stay warm in winter? They use their batteries!

53. What do you get when you cross a bat and a computer? A battery-powered device!

54. Why do bats always know what’s going on? They’re excellent at bat-training information!

55. What do you call a bat that’s scared of heights? A fright bat!

Bat Jokes

56. Why did the bat go to school at night? It was a night class, of bat-course!

57. How do bats make decisions? They take a bat poll!

58. What do you call a bat with no wings? A walk-in bat-tub!

59. Why do bats make terrible spies? They’re always getting caught hanging around!

60. What’s a bat’s favorite thing to do on a Saturday night? Wing it!

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