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50 Funny Jelly Jokes

Here are 50 Funny Jelly Jokes and the Best Jelly Puns for Kids and Adults.

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Jelly Puns

Here is the collection of 50 Jelly jokes.

1. What did the grape jelly say to the peanut butter? “We make a jam-tastic team!”

2. Why did the jelly go to school? To improve its “preserves” of knowledge!

3. How do you fix a broken jelly jar? With “gel-duct tape”!

4. Why did the jelly blush? It saw the peanut butter “spread”!

5. What’s a jelly’s favorite dance move? The “jam” step!

6. What do you call a jelly that can play the guitar? A “jammin'” musician!

7. Why did the jelly laugh? Because it heard a “jelly-good” joke!

8. How do you catch a jellyfish? With peanut butter and “jelly”!

9. What did one jelly say to another at the party? “We’re in a jam-packed situation!”

10. Why are jellies so good at sports? They have a “gel-etic” advantage!

Jelly Jokes

11. How do you make a jelly smile? You “gel” the joke just right!

12. Why did the jelly refuse to fight? It didn’t want to “spread” negativity!

13. What did the mom jelly say to her kids? “Stop being so jealous of each other!”

14. How do you describe a jelly’s feelings? “Emojellional”!

15. Why did the jelly break up with the peanut butter? It found someone “jellies”!

16. What do you get when you mix jelly with a robot? A “jelly-circuit” board!

17. How did Jelly win the talent show? With its “amazing” performance!

18. What’s a jelly’s favorite sport? “Volleyjelly”!

19. Why did the jelly go to art school? To improve its “illustration” skills!

20. What did the jelly say to the fridge? “Don’t freeze up on me, we’re in this jam together!”

21. Why did the jelly go to the doctor? It was feeling “jelly” and needed some rest!

22. How do you know the jelly is stressed? It’s “gel-littering” its thoughts all over the place!

23. What did the grape jelly say to the strawberry jelly? “We’re a perfect “gel-match”!

24. How do you describe an insecure jelly? “Gel-f-conscious”!

25. What did the jelly say to its lover? “You’re the peanut butter to my jelly!”

26. How do you become a jelly expert? You have to be “gel-educated”!

27. Why do jellies make great secret agents? They’re experts at “under gel-cover” operations!

28. What did the jelly say to the knife? “Please don’t spread rumors about me!”

29. How do you get a jelly to share its secrets? You make it “gel-librate”!

30. Why did the jelly get promoted at work? Because it was “gel-able”!

Jelly Jokes

31. What’s a jelly’s favorite genre of music? “Jelly” pop!

32. Why did the jelly stay away from the sun? It didn’t want to get too “gel-ted”!

33. How do you make a jellyfish laugh? You give it a tickle with a “gel-y” hand!

34. Why did Jelly get a job as a teacher? It wanted to “gel-lucinate” young minds!

35. What’s a jelly’s favorite planet? “Jelly-tar”!

36. Why did the jelly go to the gym? To work on its “gelt”!

37. What did the jelly say to the pancake? “I’m so jelly of your syrupy sweetness!”

38. How do you describe a jelly’s personality? “Gel-tastic”!

39. What’s a jelly’s favorite TV show? “Gel’s Kitchen”!

40. Why did the jelly take an art class? To learn how to “gold” its emotions!

Best Jelly jokes

Here is our Best Jelly Jokes Collection.

41. How do you make a jellyfish stop singing? You “gel-license” its mic!

42. What do you call a scared jelly? “Gel-phobic”!

43. Why did Jelly run for office? It wanted to spread “gel-city” in the world!

44. How do you become a jelly judge? You have to have a good “gel-allegiance” for justice!

45. What did the jelly say to the fridge when it was full? “Please make some “gel-room” for me!”

Jelly Jokes

46. How do you describe a chill jelly? “Gel-axed”!

47. Why did the jelly join the circus? It wanted to be a gel acrobat”!

48. What’s a jelly’s favorite social media platform? “Jelly-gram”!

49. Why was the jelly such a good listener? It could really “gel-understand” you!

50. What’s a jelly’s favorite board game? “Gel-lo”!

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