Zelda Jokes

50 Funny Zelda Jokes

Here are 50 Funny Zelda Jokes and the Best Zelda Puns for Kids and Adults.

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Zelda Jokes

Here are 50 jokes about Zelda :

1. Why did Link go to therapy? Because he had too many unresolved heart container issues.

2. What’s Link’s favorite instrument? The ocarina, because he’s all about playing it by ear.

3. Why did Navi go to school? To improve her “Hey, Listen!” communication skills.

4. What do you call Ganondorf when he’s at the beach? Sandy-dorf!

5. Why did Link bring a ladder to the library? Because he heard the books were on a high shelf.

6. What does Link say when he’s not sure about something? “Well, excuse me, Princess!”

7. What do you call a Goron who loves to dance? A rock and roller!

8. Why did Link get kicked out of the cooking competition? Because he couldn’t master the secret recipe for “Zelda-fish” pie.

9. How does Link like his coffee? Triforced with a bit of courage and wisdom.

10. Why was Link bad at baseball? Because he couldn’t find his Master Sword for a good swing.

Zelda Jokes

11. How does Link order his pizza? With extra Triforce tomatoes, please!

12. Why did Link bring a notebook to the forest? To jot down all the Deku trees of wisdom.

13. What did Link say when he found the hidden rupees? “Well, that’s a small fortune link.”

14. How does Princess Zelda communicate during a blackout? She uses her “Twilight Princess” phone!

15. Why did Link go to art school? To perfect his “Brush of the Wild” technique.

16. What do you call Link’s lost sandals? Toejam of Time!

17. Why did the Cucco cross the road? To challenge Link to a chicken race!

18. How does Link keep his kitchen organized? With his “Hyrule Warriors” spice rack.

19. What’s Ganondorf’s favorite type of music? Heavy Metal of Time.

20. How does Link stay in shape? He does the Temple Run workout routine.

21. Why did Link bring a horse to the bakery? To grab a quick Epona of bread.

22. What’s a Korok’s favorite type of joke? A “seed”ious one!

23. Why did Moblin become a gardener? He wanted to work on his “Moblin Green Thumb.”

24. What did Link say after a successful boss battle? “That was quite a ‘sword tactic performance!”

25. How does Tingle finance his map-making business? He’s into “Rupee” crowdfunding.

26. Why did Link go to the casino? He heard they had a “High Roll” table.

27. What’s Ganondorf’s favorite dessert? Ganon-cake!

28. Why did Link start a band with the chickens? He thought they had great “cluck” potential.

29. How does Link always win hide and seek? He has a “Link” to the past.

30. Why did Cucco go to school? To learn how to “wing” it in life.

Zelda Jokes

31. What’s Link’s favorite weather? Anything but “Ocarina” rain.

32. Why did Link start a gardening business? He heard it’s important to “grow” your skills.

33. What’s Zelda’s favorite type of puzzle? A cross-“word” dungeon!

34. Why did the Great Fairy get a job as a bartender? She’s good at mixing potions and drinks.

35. What did Link say after finding a treasure chest? “Well, isn’t that the ‘chest’ I needed?”

36. How does Link communicate with the Zora tribe? He uses the “Fish” book.

37. Why did Link become an astronaut? He wanted to explore the “Skyward” unknown.

38. What’s Ganondorf’s favorite dance move? The Triforce Shuffle.

39. Why did Link go to the music store? He wanted to learn to play the “Wind Waker.”

40. How does Link get through the desert? He follows the “Sand-sheik” stones.

Best Zelda jokes

Here are some Best Zelda Jokes.

41. Why did the skeleton go to the party in Hyrule Castle? He heard there would be “bone”-fires.

42. How does Link deal with stress? He practices the art of “Zen-Dorf.”

43. Why did the ghost go into the Haunted Wasteland? He was dying to see the sights.

44. How does Link organize his keys? With his “Key-rim” of course!

45. Why did Link start a fashion line? He wanted to show off his “Linktastic” outfits.

Zelda Jokes

46. What’s the most musical instrument in Hyrule? The accordion, because it can “squeeze” out some tunes.

47. Why did the Octorok start a cooking show? He wanted to share his “Ink-credible” recipes.

48. How did Link react when he couldn’t find his sword? He had a “pointless” search.

49. What do you call Link’s favorite comedy show? “Hyrule’s Funniest Home Videos.”

50. How did Link find his way out of the maze? He used a “Link” intelligence stone to guide him!

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