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50 Funny Oreo Jokes

Here are 50 Funny Oreo Jokes and the Best Oreo Puns for Kids and Adults.

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Oreo Jokes

Here is the collection of 50 Oreo jokes.

1. Why did Oreo go to school? Because it wanted to be a Smart Cookie!

2. What’s Oreo’s favorite song? “Stayin’ Aligned”!

3. Why did Oreo refuse to share its secrets? It was afraid of being double-stuffed!

4. How do you make an Oreo laugh? Tell it a cream-filled joke!

5. Why was the Oreo feeling so good? Because it was well-rounded!

6. What do you call an Oreo with an attitude? A sassy sandwich cookie!

7. Why did the Oreo blush? Because it saw the cream filling naked!

8. What did one Oreo say to the other Oreo? “You complete me!”

9. How do you describe a popular Oreo? A true ‘celebricookie’!

10. What did the Oreo say to the chocolate chip cookie? “You’re just a chip off the old block!”

11. Why don’t Oreos ever go to school? Because they’re already black and white and smart all over!

12. How do you make an Oreo stop smiling? Dunk it in cold milk!

13. What do you call an Oreo that you dip in salsa? A “hot and saucy” treat!

14. Why did the Oreo break up with the chocolate chip cookie? Because it found someone creamier!

15. What do you call an Oreo who’s a great singer? A “high note” cookie!

16. Why did Oreo go to therapy? It had too many layers to deal with!

17. How does an Oreo apologize? It says, “I’m sorry for being so crumbly!”

18. What’s Oreo’s favorite dance move? The “Twist, Lick, and Dunk”!

19. What’s Oreo’s favorite game? Hide and go eat!

20. Why did Oreo go to the dentist? It lost a filling!

Oreo Jokes

21. What do you call an Oreo that’s been left out in the rain? A soggy cookie mess!

22. How did Oreo get out of trouble? It gave a sweet apology!

23. Why did the Oreo sneak into the bakery at night? I wanted to see the cookies in their doughy pajamas!

24. What’s Oreo’s favorite movie genre? Whodunit mysteries, because it loves to “dunk” the evidence!

25. How do you compliment an Oreo’s style? You say, “You’re one classy cookie!”

26. Why did Oreo go to the gym? It wanted to get its cream filling in shape!

27. What’s an Oreo’s favorite place to visit? The Eiffel Tower, because it’s all about “oui” and “oui” (wee) layers!

28. What’s Oreo’s favorite social media platform? Instagram, because it loves to share its “cookie selfies”!

29. Why did Oreo go to the art museum? It wanted to get a taste of culture!

30. How do you make an Oreo rich? Put it in the cookie dough stock market!

Oreo Jokes

31. What’s an Oreo’s favorite sport? Bowling, because it’s all about getting a good “roll”!

32. Why did Oreo go to the comedy club? To learn some new “cream of the crop” jokes!

33. How does an Oreo make friends? It spreads its sweet personality!

34. What’s Oreo’s favorite game show? “Wheel of Cream”!

35. Why did Oreo apply for a job? It wanted to get its foot in the door – the cookie jar door, that is!

36. How does an Oreo handle a tough situation? It stays cool and cookies!

37. What did the Oreo say to the peanut butter? “We make a great spread!”

38. Why did Oreo start a band? It wanted to make some “sweet” music!

39. What’s Oreo’s favorite subject in school? History, because it loves to “dunk” into the past!

40. Why did Oreo go to the fashion show? It wanted to show off its cookie couture!

Best Oreo Jokes

Here is our Best Oreo Jokes Collection.

41. How does an Oreo stay calm under pressure? It practices mindfulness and meditation – or should I say “cookies”!

42. What’s an Oreo’s favorite exercise? The “crunch and munch”!

43. Why did Oreo go to the beach? It wanted to catch some “waves” of flavor!

44. How do you know if an Oreo is telling the truth? It’s a “filling” you get in your gut!

45. What’s an Oreo’s favorite superhero? The “Cream Crusader”!

Oreo Jokes

46. Why did Oreo apply for a passport? It wanted to travel the world and explore new drinking opportunities!

47. What’s an Oreo’s favorite card game? “Dunk Blackjack”!

48. Why did Oreo start a YouTube channel? It wanted to share its “snackable” content!

49. How does an Oreo deal with setbacks? It reminds itself that every “cookie crumbles” sometimes!

50. What’s an Oreo’s favorite bedtime story? Anything with a “twist” ending!

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